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Below you can find a list of our upcoming training courses, qualifications and events. You can also view any resources (including blogs, guidance and articles). You can use the filter on the left to search for a specific type or interest for example. 

Corporate Fundraising (Practitioner Level) (18 & 19-Sep-24)

You will develop the relevant knowledge, skills, techniques and confidence to enable you to successfully research, negotiate and manage corporate partnerships.

Introduction to Fundraising - London and South East (18-Sep-24)

Are you new to the sector or thinking of changing careers into the sector and looking to improve and develop your understanding and knowledge of fundraising?

Review and Develop your Event Fundraising Portfolio (18-Sep-24)

This course will help you develop a programme that you can manage effectively with the resources you have available, and will help you achieve more sign-ups, satisfied supporters, and the maximum amount of income.

Leading Stewardship (19 & 20-Sep-24)

This course will take you through the financial argument for investing in stewardship and help you to take a really practical look at the systems in place in your organisation to deliver exceptional stewardship.

Being a Courageous Fundraiser - How to Boost your Resilience and Wellbeing (20-Sep-24)

The current climate requires fundraisers to be even more creative, courageous and bold in their fundraising.

Major Donor Fundraising: Planning & Strategy (Management Level) (23 & 24-Sep-24)

This is a course designed specifically for anyone responsible for creating a strategy and plan in major gift fundraising or who wants to prepare for a role where this will be part of the job.

AI for Fundraisers: An Introduction to AI Tools (24-Sep-24)

In this one day course, we will guide you through some of the popular AI tools and how you can use them to support your fundraising efforts.

Developing a Powerful Case for Support (25-Sep-24)

This engaging course is designed to help you to evaluate the key component parts of the case for support and assist you to develop this into a powerful fundraising message enabling donors to feel compelled to give.

Designing and Running a Successful Fundraising Event (Practitioner Level) (26-Sep-24)

This indispensable one day course will provide you with the logistical know-how to ensure that your next events run as smoothly as possible, giving you a thorough understanding of what is needed to design and deliver your best fundraising event to date.

International Advanced Diploma in Fundraising - Virtual Delivery (Starting 27th September 2024)

The booking deadline for this qualification is 31st July 2024 - Please contact if you have any questions about this qualification.

Trusts Fundraising - Getting Started (27-Sep-24)

This course is for people with limited trust fundraising experience.

Developing a Legacy Strategy (Management Level) (30-Sep-24)

This inspiring one day course will enable you to prepare and fulfil a detailed legacy strategy, enable you to develop meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and provide you with a cultivation and stewardship programme.

Managing your Community Fundraising Programme (1-Oct-24)

Managing community fundraising is a multi-faceted role requiring confident leadership and a strategic approach.

Community Fundraising for Practitioners (2-Oct-24)

Community fundraising is about getting people involved, and supporting, assisting, advising and guiding those individuals & organisations who want to help you by raising money.

How to Acquire New Donors through Online Advertising (3-Oct-24)

This course is aimed at charities investing at least £2,000 per month on online advertising. The course will start off covering the basics but will quickly ascend into more advanced digital fundraising strategies and best practices.

Influence and Impact for Women in Leadership (Starting October 2024)

The Influence and Impact for Women in Leadership programme, is aimed at senior women in fundraising leadership roles who are looking to become brilliant at influencing senior stakeholders, would like to tackle self-doubt for good and make even more impact at work.

Member Resource: Creating a donations acceptance and refusal policy

This guidance will look at the different steps and considerations when creating a policy and putting it into practice.

Member Resource: New research on why people donate and what stops others

Insight from a research survey will prove useful to fundraisers

Trusts Fundraising - Improving your success (Intermediate) (8-Oct-24)

The estimated total £6.5 billion of annual grants are made by charitable foundations, which includes the £2.9 billion grant-making by the top 300 trusts. This accounts for around 15% of voluntary income in the sector.

Corporate Fundraising (Management Level) (9 & 10-Oct-24)

This two day course gives participants the understanding, knowledge and tools to create an effective strategy for corporate fundraising (CFR) and to develop and manage complex corporate partnerships.