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Safe and responsible fundraising as Covid restrictions lift

In this blog, Charlotte Urwin, Head of Policy, Fundraising Regulator and Daniel Fluskey, Head of Policy and External Affairs, Chartered Institute of Fundraising, discuss the latest updates to our join...

Diploma in Fundraising - Virtual Delivery, Starting 22nd November 2022

The booking deadline for this qualification is 25th October 2022 - Please contact if you have any questions about this qualification.

Masterclass - How to Write More Powerful and Successful Fundraising Letters (23-Nov-22)

Letters are critical to the success of most fundraising strategies. That’s why it’s so important to make sure the copy is as powerful and persuasive at it be.

Managing your Community Fundraising Programme (24-Nov-22)

Managing community fundraising is a multi-faceted role requiring confident leadership and a strategic approach.

Making the Ask - A Masterclass with Kim van Niekerk (29-Nov-22)

Whether you are new to asking a donor for a gift in a face-to-face situation or your confidence just needs a boost, this course is for you.

Major Donor Fundraising (Practitioner Level) (1-Dec-22)

Masterclass - How to Write Fundraising Copy That Really Engages and Persuades (2-Dec-22)

Take your copywriting skills to the next level Whether you write copy for fundraising letters, brochures, emails, web, or social, this online Copywriting for Fundraising Masterclass will boost your capability, confidence and results.

Payroll Giving Week 2022

As the second National Payroll Giving Week takes place this month (running from the 7-13 February), we are focusing on why you should be considering introducing payroll giving in your charity.

Understanding giving in 2021 can help fundraisers navigate 2022

Chartered Institute’s Policy and Information Officer Charlotte Sherman looks in this blog at the key pieces in our Research Roundup.

Trusts Fundraising - Improving your success (Intermediate) (6-Dec-22)

The estimated total £6.5 billion of annual grants are made by charitable foundations, which includes the £2.9 billion grant-making by the top 300 trusts. This accounts for around 15% of voluntary income in the sector.

Legacy income is moving more quickly through probate, but 2022 remains an unknown

Rob Cope, Director of Remember A Charity, explains what probate delays mean for charities and what changes have been made to enable legacy income to flow more smoothly in future.

Managing your Trust Fundraising Programme Strategically (17-Jan-23)

Change is happening in many organisations – revisiting how you deliver your services and understanding who your primary and secondary beneficiaries are, may in itself open up new funders to you.

Essentials of Legacy Fundraising (Practitioner Level) (18-Jan-23)

This course is designed for fundraisers who are new or relatively new to legacy fundraising. Legacy fundraising is likely to be only one part of your responsibilities.

Developing a Powerful Case for Support (19-Jan-23)

This engaging course is designed to help you to evaluate the key component parts of the case for support and assist you to develop this into a powerful fundraising message enabling donors to feel compelled to give.

Developing a Fundraising Strategy (24 & 25-Jan-23)

If you are a fundraiser or managing a fundraising team, this course will enable you to develop and/or improve your fundraising strategy - for your organisation or for your area of responsibility.

Events Fundraising: Strategy & Planning (Management Level) (25 & 26-Jan-23)

Leading an events department involves careful coordination and planning of not only the event itself, but also the events team and strategy. This engaging course is designed to help you to evaluate the performance of your current portfolio of events, drive forward your events.

Developing a Legacy Strategy (Management Level) (30-Jan-23)

This inspiring one day course will enable you to prepare and fulfil a detailed legacy strategy, enable you to develop meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and provide you with a cultivation and stewardship programme.

Stewardship Excellence “Wow” Your Supporters (31-Jan-23)

This course looks at how we shape experiences for supporters from the moment they hear about us, to their first engagement and on to a lasting relationship.

Major Donor Fundraising Planning & Strategy (Management Level) (1 & 2-Feb-23)

This is a course designed specifically for anyone responsible for creating a strategy and plan in major gift fundraising or who wants to prepare for a role where this will be part of the job.

In-person events are back but every charity’s plan is different

Through the results of a recent member survey on the restarting of in-person activities, Charlotte Sherman, Policy and Information Officer at the Chartered Institute, looks at how the sector is moving...