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Below you can find a list of our upcoming training courses, qualifications and events. You can also view any resources (including blogs, guidance and articles). You can use the filter on the left to search for a specific type or interest for example. 

Growing Income from Mid-Value Donors (16-Jul-24)

**FULLY BOOKED** Mid-value giving is a bit of a mystery to many fundraisers. In many ways this is not a surprise as mid-value giving is largely a very underdeveloped area of fundraising in the UK. And yet, it is a vital part of the fundraising mix.

How your privacy policy helps build trust with supporters

It might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but one of the most important factors in giving people the confidence to donate to your charity is your privacy policy.

Face-to-Face Fundraising Roundtable 17 July 24

***THIS EVENT IS FULLY BOOKED*** Explore the practical implications of the Fundraising Regulator’s market inquiry, network with other charities and hear from legal experts at charity law firm Bates Wells’ roundtable on Wednesday 17 July.

Partners Forum - July 2024

Chair of the Partners Forum, Simon Dickson will lead a discussion including sector news and updates from the Chartered Institute.

Masterclass - How to Write More Powerful and Successful Fundraising Letters (19-Jul-24)

Letters are critical to the success of most fundraising strategies. That’s why it’s so important to make sure the copy is as powerful and persuasive at it be.

Developing a Legacy Strategy (Management Level) (22-Jul-24)

This inspiring one day course will enable you to prepare and fulfil a detailed legacy strategy, enable you to develop meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and provide you with a cultivation and stewardship programme.

Developing a Fundraising Strategy (23 & 24-Jul-24)

If you are a fundraiser or managing a fundraising team, this course will enable you to develop and/or improve your fundraising strategy - for your organisation or for your area of responsibility.

The Art of Stewardship & Cultivating Loyal Donors (25-Jul-24)

**FULLY BOOKED** This course looks at how we shape experiences for supporters from the moment they hear about us, to their first engagement and on to a lasting relationship.

Does AI and Trust Fundraising Mix?

At the last Scottish Fundraising Conference, I greatly enjoyed hosting a discussion with some of Scotland’s biggest Grantmakers. It struck me at the time that things had changed substantially over the...

Trusts Fundraising - Getting Started (30-Jul-24)

This course is for people with limited trust fundraising experience.

Trusts Fundraising - Improving your success (Intermediate) (31-Jul-24)

**FULLY BOOKED** The estimated total £6.5 billion of annual grants are made by charitable foundations, which includes the £2.9 billion grant-making by the top 300 trusts. This accounts for around 15% of voluntary income in the sector.

How to secure a Charity of the Year partnership

If you're a fundraiser in a small charity and you want to secure a Charity of the Year partnership, this guide is a comprehensive look at how you can get from a blank page to securing a partnership.

Community Fundraising for Practitioners (6-Aug-24)

Community fundraising is about getting people involved, and supporting, assisting, advising and guiding those individuals & organisations who want to help you by raising money.

Insights for small charities about Charity of the Year partnerships

Charity of the Year partnerships appeal to fundraisers because they are all about companies making cash donations to good causes. Here are some insights on the latest trends, which can help small char...

Top tips on getting funding for your charity film

Everyday donors are seeing loads of video content from a huge range of different sources and on a variety of platforms. Many fundraisers know that producing and using video content should be a key par...

Events Fundraising: Strategy & Planning (Management Level) (7 & 8-Aug-24)

This engaging course is designed to help you to evaluate the performance of your current portfolio of events, drive forward your events.

Introduction to Fundraising - London and South East (7-Aug-24)

The Introduction to Fundraising course offers a practical introduction to the profession. If you are new to the sector or want to improve and develop your knowledge of fundraising, this course could be for you.

Managing your Trust Fundraising Programme Strategically (7-Aug-24)

Change is happening in many organisations – revisiting how you deliver your services and understanding who your primary and secondary beneficiaries are, may in itself open up new funders to you.

How to connect to Giving Tuesday as a small charity

Giving Tuesday takes place in December and is a global day of giving. How can small charities tap into this wave of generosity? Here’s our tips on how small charities can take part in Giving Tuesday a...

How to make the most of user-generated content

User-generated content can be a game-changer for small charities, allowing you to connect with your supporters without needing huge budgets. Find out how you can engage supporters to produce content ...