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Below you can find a list of our upcoming training courses, qualifications and events. You can also view any resources (including blogs, guidance and articles). You can use the filter on the left to search for a specific type or interest for example. 

Being a group committee member - Claire McMinn

Education in Action: Diploma in Fundraising

The Diploma in Fundraising is a chance for participants to build on existing experience and skills to consolidate and expand their knowledge in all key aspects of fundraising. Rachel Taylor, Income De...

Fundraising Convention - The experience of being a speaker

In this blog, Lorraine Lewis, CEO and Co-Founder of the Lewis Foundation talks about her experience of being a speaker at the Fundraising Convention, and how this has benefited her charity and the doo...

Michael Mogan MBE - I miss being part of a team

In this blog, Michael Mogan MBE, discusses how with fundraising sometimes being a lonely place, being a speaker at the Chartered Institute's Fundraising Convention allowed him to network and learn fro...

Thirty Years of Making a Difference

In this case study, Chris Davis, the Chair of the Researchers in Fundraising group, celebrates the important work the Special Interest group has been doing over the years for the prospect research com...

Using a test and learn approach to level up your fundraising

Trustees and fundraising: a practical handbook

This guide will help you ensure your approach to fundraising meets your charity’s legal and ethical responsibilities as well as best reflect the values of your organisation.

Could you be a Boardroom Apprentice for the Chartered Institute?

Nadine Campbell, Chair of the Chartered Institute, shares her journey from fundraiser to the boardroom and explains why she’s excited about us joining up to the pilot of the Boardroom Apprentice UK pi...

Now is the time for fundraisers to embrace innovation

In this interview, Chris Paver, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of Dataro talks about barriers to innovation in fundraising ahead of his presentation at the Future of Fundraising Conference.

Talking to supporters about legacies during a cost-of-living crisis

In this blog Sanita Guddu, trainer, coach and founder of Persuasion Consultancy; host and producer of Legacy Fundraising Chat Podcast, shares her views of what charities could do as supporters struggl...

Trusts Fundraising - Getting Started (24-Jan-25)

This course is for people with limited trust fundraising experience.

A message from our Chair, Nadine Campbell

A copy of the message sent to members from our Chair, Nadine Campbell.

Trusts Fundraising - Improving your success (Intermediate) (29-Jan-25)

The estimated total £6.5 billion of annual grants are made by charitable foundations, which includes the £2.9 billion grant-making by the top 300 trusts. This accounts for around 15% of voluntary income in the sector.

Technology and tools for improving the supporter experience

Technology and tools have been called out by professionals in the charity sector as one of the key barriers to improving the supporter experience. This paper will help charity staff to better understa...

Celebration and In-Memory Giving (including Tribute Funds) (4-Feb-25)

About half a million families suffer a bereavement each year in the UK. Over £80m is given in memory each year by family and friends in the UK.

Community Fundraising for Practitioners (5-Feb-25)

Community fundraising has had a few hic-ups with the Covid crisis as it’s all about getting people involved, and supporting, assisting, advising and guiding those individuals & organisations who want to help you by raising money.

Our plan to support members through the cost-of-living crisis

The cost-of-living crisis presents many challenges for fundraisers. In this blog, our CEO Katie Docherty talks about how we plan to support our members and the wider fundraising community.

Remembering our ‘why’: a new strategy for the Chartered Institute

Across the fundraising community there is a shared and collective ambition to change the world for the better. Whatever cause you fundraise for, whatever piece of the puzzle you may be in the broad an...

Managing your Trust Fundraising Programme Strategically (19-Feb-25)

Change is happening in many organisations – revisiting how you deliver your services and understanding who your primary and secondary beneficiaries are, may in itself open up new funders to you.

As the cost of living crisis bites, supporter loyalty is more important than ever

In this guest blog, Richard Spencer, Director at About Loyalty looks at supporter retention during the cost of living crisis.