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By working for us you are supporting not just one charity but multiple charity causes, as we represent and train fundraisers, supporting causes throughout the UK and beyond.

We have no vacancies at the moment.

Volunteer with us

Volunteers give their time, skills and expertise to support our work.  We have a wide range of roles, all of which are vital to our work supporting fundraisers across the UK.

Equality, diversity and inclusion

We passionately believe that the development of an equal, diverse and inclusive fundraising community is integral to delivering excellent fundraising. To help us achieve this we need people with all types of skills and from all kinds of backgrounds. It's important to us that our staff bring their skills and knowledge regardless of age, being trans, being married or in a civil partnership, being pregnant, on maternity leave, disability, race including colour, nationality, ethnic or national origin, religion, belief or lack of religion/belief, sex, or sexual orientation.

We ask all applicants to tell us about their personal information by completing a monitoring form to help us monitor our processes and ensure that we treat everyone fairly. This information is not seen or used by the shortlisting or selection panel. You can read our privacy policy to find out how we use your data.

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