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Below you can find a list of our upcoming training courses, qualifications and events. You can also view any resources (including blogs, guidance and articles). You can use the filter on the left to search for a specific type or interest for example. 

Updates to Charity Commission guidance on cryptocurrencies – what you need to know

Policy and Communications Officer Kristy Lambert discusses the key updates from the Charity Commission’s new guidance on crypto and shares some information on an ongoing project we are working on to s...

How I got into fundraising - Gary Kernahan

In this blog, Gary Kernahan, Head of Interim and Senior Consultant at THINK and Trustee for the Chartered Institute of Fundraising, discusses how he got into a career in fundraising.

Redesigning our organisation to deliver most for our members

Diploma in Fundraising - Virtual Delivery (Starting 25th June 2024)

The booking deadline for this qualification is 4th June 2024 - Please contact if you have any questions about this qualification.

Managing your Community Fundraising Programme (27-Jun-24)

Managing community fundraising is a multi-faceted role requiring confident leadership and a strategic approach.

National Fundraising Awards 2024

Ticket sales will open 4th March 2024.

Essentials of Legacy Fundraising (Practitioner Level) (9-Jul-24)

This course is designed for fundraisers who are new or relatively new to legacy fundraising. Legacy fundraising is likely to be only one part of your responsibilities.

Developing a Legacy Strategy (Management Level) (22-Jul-24)

This inspiring one day course will enable you to prepare and fulfil a detailed legacy strategy, enable you to develop meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and provide you with a cultivation and stewardship programme.

How I got into fundraising

In this blog Jamie McIntosh, CEO of Scottish Love in Action and Chair of Chartered Institute of Fundraising Scotland, talks about how he got into a career in fundraising.

What motivates a fundraiser?

In this blog Michelle Benson, Coach, Trainer and Consultant, talks about what what motivates her to wake up every morning and do great work in the fundraising sector.

Developing a Fundraising Strategy (23 & 24-Jul-24)

If you are a fundraiser or managing a fundraising team, this course will enable you to develop and/or improve your fundraising strategy - for your organisation or for your area of responsibility.

A journey in arts fundraising

Lauren Smethurst is a Young Arts Fundraisers Board Member, and Development Officer at HOME, an arts centre in Manchester. We sat down with Lauren to learn about her journey into arts fundraising, hear...

Trusts Fundraising - Getting Started (30-Jul-24)

This course is for people with limited trust fundraising experience.

Trusts Fundraising - Improving your success (Intermediate) (31-Jul-24)

The estimated total £6.5 billion of annual grants are made by charitable foundations, which includes the £2.9 billion grant-making by the top 300 trusts. This accounts for around 15% of voluntary income in the sector.

Community Fundraising for Practitioners (6-Aug-24)

Community fundraising has had a few hic-ups with the Covid crisis as it’s all about getting people involved, and supporting, assisting, advising and guiding those individuals & organisations who want to help you by raising money.

Managing your Trust Fundraising Programme Strategically (7-Aug-24)

Change is happening in many organisations – revisiting how you deliver your services and understanding who your primary and secondary beneficiaries are, may in itself open up new funders to you.

Celebration and In-Memory Giving (including Tribute Funds) (8-Aug-24)

About half a million families suffer a bereavement each year in the UK. Over £80m is given in memory each year by family and friends in the UK.

Corporate Fundraising (Management Level) (14 & 15-Aug-24)

This two day course gives participants the understanding, knowledge and tools to create an effective strategy for corporate fundraising (CFR) and to develop and manage complex corporate partnerships.

Data Storytelling for Fundraisers (14-Aug-24)

**NEW COURSE** Demonstrating impact is crucial for fundraising – and data is the evidence that you can use. Visual presentations of data are proven to be more persuasive, engaging and effective than narrative text or tables of numbers.

Revisit, Review, Reforecast your Fundraising Strategy and Annual Plan (3-Sep-24)

Now more than ever a fundraising strategy and an annual plan are vital to ensure your organisation has the confidence to generate income to continue to operate and provide the services needed.