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Payment of Fundraisers

This page provides guidance of the payment of fundraisers.

Payroll givers are the unsung heroes of charitable giving

Marcia Hibberd from Marie Curie says that Payroll Givers have done so much for the people of the UK and other countries with little recognition, making them the unsung heroes of charitable giving.

Payroll Giving

Peter Lewis: reflecting on fundraising's year ahead

Peter Lewis, Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Fundraising, looks back at the last year for fundraising and at what our priorities are for the year ahead – and sets his own #FundraisingRes...

Peter Lewis: 'The speech the Prime Minister should have made'

Peter Lewis, Chief Executive of the Chartered Institute of Fundraising, has written the speech the Prime Minister should have made at 10 Downing Street this week.

Plugging the gap in Coronavirus funding: The Resilience and Recovery Loan Fund explained

As so many charities have seen the Coronavirus pandemic impact their fundraising, Rob Benfield, Director of Investments at Social Investment Business, explains what charities can get out of the Resili...

Private assets for public good: the time is now

Cath Dovey, of the Beacon Collaborative, looks at the latest research on barriers to giving among the wealthy in the UK, and how organisations can engage wealthy donors as partners in social change.

Protecting regular giving income in a crisis: what the pandemic has taught us

As they unveil their latest report, Scott Gray, Rapidata lead and head of payments at The Access Group, takes a look in this blog at the impact the coronavirus pandemic has had on regular giving.

Protecting supporters

Proud to be a fundraiser toolkit

This resource will to help you implement proven strategies to get your whole organisation united behind, and proud of, your fundraising - and so raise more money for your cause.

Public generosity is inspirational – but it can't be an excuse for government to not step up

While we're seeing fantastic fundraising from charities and individuals, the Chartered Institute's Daniel Fluskey says the impact of coronavirus means that public donations alone can't meet the scale ...

Public perceptions

RAISE mentoring scheme: Five tips for mentees to get the most out of the relationship

Sanpreet Janjua outlines what she got out of her experiences of being mentored on the RAISE mentoring programme and why she recommends other arts fundraisers get involved.

Raising funds for an individual

This page provides introductory information on the ways individuals can fundraise.

Rebuilding fundraising in Scotland

Virginia Anderson, Chair of the Scotland Executive Committee, looks in this blog at some of the projects the Chartered Institute of Fundraising Scotland will be working on this year, and how they will...

Recruiting for lived experience: Four key lessons

In this article, James Gadsby Peet, Owner and Director of Digital & Strategy at William Joseph, looks at the process they used to recruit their Product Manager, and the lessons they learned about recr...

Recruiting responsibility

Recruitment: 'More of the same is not what fundraising needs'

There is a strength in thinking differently, says Jaz Nannar, and we need to question ourselves and each other to ensure recruitment practices reflect this.

Recruitment: stating a desire for diversity does not a diverse team make

Lizzie Ellis, our Policy and Information Officer, looks in this blog at what the initial results from the recent survey on sector recruitment processes show us about how we can improve practices and w...

Rediscovering the value of the telephone

This pandemic has led to a huge increase in telephone fundraising, in this blog Daniel Fluskey explains why it is important you ensure you have the right procedures in place.