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Coronavirus and legacies: Inspiring heartfelt goodbyes with in-memory fundraising

Kate Jenkinson from Legacy Foresight looks at how this climate is particularly challenging for in-memory fundraising but outlines some measures that can help. This blog forms part of a series curated ...

'If not now, when?' - Looking ahead into recovery

Daniel Fluskey, Head of Policy and External Affairs at the Chartered Institute of Fundraising, takes a look at the kinds of discussions, questions, topics that have been taking place as we look forwar...

Coronavirus and legacies: When legacy donor stewardship goes digital

Dr Claire Routley looks at how to make legacy stewardship work in a digital world. This blog forms part of a series curated by Remember A Charity, the Chartered Institute of Fundraising’s long-term ca...

Coronavirus and legacies: Why now is the time for stewardship

Michael Clark, Head of Fundraising at St Nicholas Hospice Care, says that this pandemic has shown us that stewardship within fundraising is more important than ever before. This blog forms part of a s...

How is giving changing during the coronavirus crisis?

Lizzie Ellis, Policy and Information Officer, looks at the key pieces of research about giving published during the COVID-19 pandemic, and what this insight means for your fundraising strategy.

'The response of the charity sector to the coronavirus crisis has been heroic'

Ian Bruce, Chief Executive of the Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector, says that the impact of the coranavirus crisis on those who were already disadvantaged is huge, but that the charity sector ...

Payroll givers are the unsung heroes of charitable giving

Marcia Hibberd from Marie Curie says that Payroll Givers have done so much for the people of the UK and other countries with little recognition, making them the unsung heroes of charitable giving.

Why charities should get involved with the first ever lesbian visibility week

To mark the first ever Lesbian Visibility Week, former Fundraising Director Polly Shute looks at the importance of Lesbian visibility, and why community is so much more important at time of crisis.

Public generosity is inspirational – but it can't be an excuse for government to not step up

While we're seeing fantastic fundraising from charities and individuals, the Chartered Institute's Daniel Fluskey says the impact of coronavirus means that public donations alone can't meet the scale ...

Cultural sector fundraising and COVID-19: Recognising the social value of culture

Dan Fletcher, Treasurer of the Cultural Sector Network, says that the social value of culture is hugely significant – now more than ever – and in order to thrive in a post-coronavirus world, cultural ...

Leading your team and communicating through a crisis

To help guide your organisation through the pandemic and mass uncertainty that has accompanied it, Matthew Sherrington gives his 10 point plan for leading your team and communicating through a crisis.

Coronavirus and fundraising: so where are we at?

Peter Lewis, our Chief Executive, takes a look in this blog at the state of UK fundraising in the setting of the coronavirus pandemic, following the Easter Bank holiday weekend.

Private assets for public good: the time is now

Cath Dovey, of the Beacon Collaborative, looks at the latest research on barriers to giving among the wealthy in the UK, and how organisations can engage wealthy donors as partners in social change.

Coronavirus: 5 tips for writing an appeal during a global crisis

Wayne Murray, Strategy Director at Audience Fundraising and Communications, gives his five pointers for writing an emergency appeal that will keep your audience connected with your cause.

Equality, diversity and inclusion in the time of coronavirus

Or, EDI – what to do in a lull. Elizabeth Balgobin says that although right now normality has ceased in a lot of organisations, this crisis could provide an opportunity to cease old ways of thinking w...

Scotland: what support is available during the coronavirus pandemic

Michelle Cook, Head of the Chartered Institute of Fundraising Scotland, explains what we are doing to support our members during this time of unprecedented change.

5 ways to protect your fundraising income during the coronavirus pandemic

Scott Gray from Rapidata offers some advice in this blog on how you can help protect your fundraised income during this time of uncertainty.

Fundraising mustn’t fade away in the face of COVID-19

In this blog, Dominic Will, Managing Director of PFS, looks at what the coronavirus pandemic means for fundraising agencies and where they should turn for help during this time of uncertainty.

Coronavirus and public fundraising: Doing the right thing is not always an easy decision to make

In this blog, Liam McEntegart, Managing Director (Client Services) REAL Fundraising Ltd, looks at the difficulties in making public fundraising decisions around the coronavirus outbreak, and explains ...

5 ways the coronavirus is changing the legacy market and what this means for charities

Rob Cope, Director of Remember A Charity, looks at how the coronavirus outbreak is having an impact on the legacy market and what the future holds for this type of fundraising.