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We are the Chartered Institute of Fundraising, the membership body for UK fundraising. We represent and champion the work of individual fundraisers, charities, and their partners.

Fundraising can be the most rewarding of careers, full of achievement and contribution. We are here to support fundraisers so that they can flourish in their work and make the biggest difference to good causes, as well as give the best experience to people who support charities across the UK.

We believe

  • Career fundraisers need commitment, investment, and support from their organisations.
  • When Charities raise more money, a better world can be made.
  • Committed, motivated and skilled fundraisers deliver the best return on investment.
  • When fundraisers support each other it increases the impact of their organisation and the whole sector.
  • Career fundraisers have a lifetime of impact, raising the most money in the best way
  • Fundraising is not merely a necessity but fundamentally good for everybody.
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