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Introduction to Fundraising: On-demand

Corporate Fundraising (Management Level) (27 & 28-Apr-21)

This two day course gives participants the understanding, knowledge and tools to create an effective strategy for corporate fundraising (CFR) and to develop and manage complex corporate partnerships.

Being a Courageous Fundraiser - How to Boost your Resilience and Wellbeing (28-Apr-21)

The current climate requires fundraisers to be even more creative, courageous and bold in their fundraising.

Major Donor Fundraising Conference

Organised together with the Chartered Institute of Fundraising Major Donor and Scottish Major Donor Groups, the conference will look at philanthropy in a post COVID-19 world, how to harness technology to surprise and delight donors and manage tricky conversations.

Events Fundraising: Strategy & Planning (Management Level) (4 & 5-May-21)

Leading an events department involves careful coordination and planning of not only the event itself, but also the events team and strategy. This engaging course is designed to help you to evaluate the performance of your current portfolio of events, drive forward your events.

Influence and Impact for Women in Leadership (starting May 2021)

BOOKING DEADLINE EXTENDED TO 27 April 2021 - Please contact if you have any questions about this programme.

Major Donor Masterclass: What Really Gets Results? With Rob Woods (5-May-21)

How to succeed in major donor fundraising, even (especially) during a pandemic.

Trusts Fundraising - Getting Started (11-May-21)

This course is for people with limited trust fundraising experience - people who are likely to have been working in this area for less than 12 months, either as a staff member or as a volunteer, and for those who wish to develop skills to work with trusts and foundations.

Corporate Fundraising (Practitioner Level) (12 & 13-May-21)

FULLY BOOKED This 2day course covers the basic knowledge and tools to carry out corporate fundraising within a charity. You will develop the relevant knowledge, skills, techniques and confidence to enable you to successfully research, negotiate and manage corporate partnerships.

Revisit, Review, Reforecast your Fundraising Strategy and Annual Plan (25-May-21)

Now more than ever a fundraising strategy and an annual plan are vital to ensure your organisation has the confidence to generate income to continue to operate and provide the services needed.

Masterclass - How to Write More Powerful and Successful Fundraising Letters (26-May-21)

Letters are critical to the success of most fundraising strategies. That’s why it’s so important to make sure the copy is as powerful and persuasive at it be.

Trust Fundraising Conference

Corporate Fundraising (Management Level) (3 & 4-Jun-21)

This two day course gives participants the understanding, knowledge and tools to create an effective strategy for corporate fundraising (CFR) and to develop and manage complex corporate partnerships.

Essentials of Legacy Fundraising (Practitioner Level) (7-Jun-21)

This course is designed for fundraisers who are new or relatively new to legacy fundraising. Legacy fundraising is likely to be only one part of your responsibilities. This course is aimed at people who are unlikely to have written and implemented a legacy strategy previously.

The Power of Storytelling for Fundraisers (8-Jun-21)

Storytelling is a powerful way of communicating because human beings are wired to learn and remember through story. Story is also a powerful fundraising tool because a story told well connects with the listener, evokes emotion and can inspire them to take action.

How to Fundraise from Home (9-Jun-21)

With many people likely to be working from home or staying there for months to come, and with fundraisers mostly having to work remotely, we're having to make the most of digital fundraising as the principle channel of fundraising and communicating

Future Leaders Programme (June - December 2021)

BOOKING DEADLINE 1 JUNE. Are you keen to develop your leadership skills? Do you want to be a leader, but are currently unsure as to how to lead authentically? Or are you still undecided as to whether you want to be a leader at all?

Innovation and Creativity for Better Fundraising Results (10-Jun-21)

Innovation is about people working together to solve strategic problems. It means staying resilient, spotting opportunities and take action to make sure the good ideas happen in a way that minimises risk and maximises income and impact.

Developing a Legacy Strategy (Management Level) (11-Jun-21)

This inspiring one day course will enable you to prepare and fulfil a detailed legacy strategy, enable you to develop meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and provide you with a cultivation and stewardship programme.

Community Fundraising for Practitioners in the ‘New Normal’ (14-Jun-21)

Community fundraising has had a few hic-ups with the Covid crisis as it’s all about getting people involved, and supporting, assisting, advising and guiding those individuals & organisations who want to help you by raising money.