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16 January 2024
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In this blog Michele Welch, Head of Professional Conduct, explains the updates the Chartered Institute of Fundraising has been making to safeguarding and the introduction of the Professional Conduct Committee.

Returning to work at the start of 2024, I’ve been reflecting on the key developments we’ve been making to improve safeguarding at the CIOF. We are always looking at what more we can do to support our members and to ensure our events and networks will be a safe space for fundraisers. There have been some significant changes in our safeguarding processes lately, and we’re keen to share an update with you.

Of course, implementing changes to safeguarding practices is not a one-time task; it requires ongoing monitoring and evaluation. Regular reviews of the effectiveness of the updated measures, feedback from stakeholders, and analysis of any reported incidents are essential to ensuring that the changes are achieving their intended outcomes. While we continue to listen and learn, we now have the tools and expertise in place to take a rigorous approach to safeguarding and robust governance to monitor, improve, and protect these policies in action.

Introducing the Professional Conduct Committee

Amongst the most recent changes, we are delighted to have recruited a highly engaged and committed Committee which now oversee and support our complaints process, and ensure alignment with our wider safeguarding activity and Action Plan.

Meeting most recently in December, the Committee evaluated our current policies and procedures in line with best practice, making recommendations and agreeing plans for how they will take forward any recommendations from the upcoming Independent Review. Chair Lindsey Bartling has written a summary of how the Committee is developing and I wanted to share this with you as she describes the committee and its purpose. You can read more here.

Safeguarding actions and updates

We’ve also refreshed our safeguarding hub – a dedicated area of the CIOF’s website, where you can find updates on our progress and next steps to improve our safeguarding, as well as links to relevant information and committees. This includes the Code of Conduct and Code of Behaviour for those attending our events and training, information about our complaints process, how to raise any concerns and our misconduct and whistleblowing reporting system.

We remain fully committed to the wellbeing and safety of those we serve and work with, fostering a culture of vigilance and care, and we know how important it is to continue to listen and learn. If you want to share any feedback, raise concerns, or simply comment and engage with what you have read today, please contact us directly at complaints@ciof.org.uk or use our reporting tool Talk to Spot with the option to do so anonymously. If you want further guidance on how to raise a complaint or concern, please visit this webpage.

We understand that addressing complaints and concerns is crucial to maintaining a safe and inclusive environment. All feedback will be supported with sensitivity and confidentiality. We encourage open communication and value the input of our community members in helping us improve the safety of the fundraising sector.

Michele Welch
Michele Welch
Head of Professional Conduct, Chartered Institute of Fundraising
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