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A key action we are taking forward is that the Chartered Institute is now a member of the Misconduct Disclosure Scheme. This is a scheme developed by a group of humanitarian, development, and other civil society organisations committed to sharing relevant information about individuals who have been found to have committed sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, or sexual abuse in the course of their employment or under the terms of their position. The scheme is in addition to and distinct from any other forms of due diligence used in the recruitment process - this includes board and governance positions.  

Organisations that sign up to the scheme also agree to the Common Principles, two of which are:  

This Scheme works best when as many organisations as possible sign up; another Common Principle of the Scheme, to raise awareness throughout the sector in order to increase the number of participating organisations and the effectiveness of the Scheme, as well as to strengthen public trust in sector safeguarding.

So, if you are a CEO reading this, please sign up now, and if your organisation is not already participating, please ask your CEO to sign up here. 

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