Code of Behaviour for Training and Events

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The Chartered Institute of Fundraising is committed to providing a welcoming and safe environment for everyone involved in any events organised by the Chartered Institute or our volunteer groups. The Chartered Institute supports a culture of reciprocal respect and will not tolerate discrimination or harassment in any form.

The Chartered Institute’s safeguarding principles are:

The Code of Behaviour applies to anyone who engages with the Chartered Institute including, but not limited to, attendance at any events, training courses, National, Regional and Special Interest Group activities and conferences. The Chartered Institute is committed to implementing the Code of Behaviour.  Please carefully review the Code of Behaviour as your participation in activities through the Chartered Institute will signify that you have read, understand, and agree to abide by it.

Action will be taken against anyone who does not adhere to this code of behaviour, under the Chartered Institute’s complaints procedures which can be found on our website.

Action will be taken against anyone who does not adhere to this code of behaviour, regardless of their membership status with the Institute and we may involve the relevant authorities subject to the agreement of the complainant.

All speakers, trainers, supporters, donors, staff, volunteers, sponsors and participants must behave in a courteous and respectful manner towards others at all times. They must maintain a professional demeanour and professional conduct, uphold the safeguarding principles and refrain from improper language or conduct. Professional conduct and language shall be determined in the sole reasonable judgment of the Chartered Institute. Speakers, trainers, supporters, donors, staff, volunteers, sponsors and participants will not engage in the following behaviours that are not tolerated by the Chartered Institute including, but not limited to:

Use of images

Before taking any photos or videos at our training and events for personal use, you need to obtain the assent of any individuals featured, explaining how they will be used. Images or videos shared on social media should not identify or feature anyone who has not given consent for this to happen. Speakers will be invited to provide consent at the start of their session.

For residential events

Respect privacy, be mindful or noise and disturbance for neighbours and/or other delegates.  Professional boundaries must be maintained at all times by those speaking or delivering training.

Sponsors and Organisational Members

If an individual employee of a sponsor or organisational member has a complaint of harassment or bullying made against them during one of our events, we will initiate relevant processes under our Complaints and Disciplinary Rules.  If a complaint about the member is upheld, they will not be permitted to take part on any further Chartered Institute events, in addition to any other sanctions imposed by the disciplinary panel.  We also request that all sponsors have systems in place to enable complaints to be made and would assess any sponsorship arrangements in place with the company and may terminate these where appropriate.

Consequences of unacceptable behaviour

Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated. Action will be taken against anyone who does not adhere to this code of behaviour, regardless of their membership status with the Institute Participants asked to cease any inappropriate behaviour are expected to comply immediately. If a participant engages in unacceptable behaviour, the event organisers may take action they deem appropriate, up to and including expulsion from the training or event with no refund and from participation in future events.

Reporting inappropriate behaviour

If you experience harassment, bullying or discrimination of any form whilst participating in any Institute event or activity, or if you are made aware that someone else may be affected by inappropriate behaviour, you should contact the Institute. All reports will remain confidential.

Reports of inappropriate behaviour can be made in a number of ways:

1. You may raise a concern or complaint with a Chartered Institute member of staff or volunteers in attendance at Chartered Institute events or training courses. Each event will have a Safeguarding Focal Point/Person. They will refer you to the Head of Professional Conduct or register your complaint or concern on your behalf. 

2. You may contact the Chartered Institute Head of Professional Conduct at, or by letter to:

Head of Professional Conduct
Chartered Institute of Fundraising
CAN Mezzanine, 7-14 Great Dover Street

The Chartered Institute will identify an Investigating Officer who will be your point of contact and advise you on the stages of the Complaint.

3. Confidential Complaints -

Complaints can be reported via our anonmyous incident reportinging tool, Talk to Spot.

Spot will help us surface issues early and manage them without compromising anonymity. A few things to know:

All reports will be treated in confidence and investigated in accordance with the Chartered Institute’s disciplinary and complaints procedures.

Anyone who experiences harassment may also seek help from other relevant authorities, such as the police, or other legal or support services.

No one should knowingly make a false or misleading claim about prohibited conduct.


Before booking onto, attending or participating in a Chartered Institute - whether virtually or in person - you must be in a position to agree to the following declaration:

I have read carefully and understand the above Code of Behaviour for Training and Events.

I hereby agree to abide by its requirements and commit to upholding the safeguarding principles and standards of conduct required.

I declare that:

In the event of a violation of this Code of Behaviour I accept that:

For further information on how your information is used, how we maintain the security of your information and your rights of access to information we hold on you, please see our privacy policy.

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