How to work with a designer, with a template

14 June 2024
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This is part of our collection of resources aimed at small fundraising teams, individual fundraisers and small charities. Produced by the Chartered Institute and our expert partners.

Collaborating with a creative design professional can bring numerous advantages to fundraisers in small charities. Here's our tips and a template for producing a creative brief for a designer.

The benefits of working with a professional designer

Professional design elevates a charity's brand image and ensures consistency across all communication materials, including websites, social media, and print collateral. A strong brand identity builds trust, credibility, and recognition among donors and supporters.

A design professional can create visually compelling fundraising campaign materials that capture attention and inspire action. Powerful graphics, layouts, and typography can evoke emotions, tell stories, and convey the impact of a charity's work.  

Working with a design expert saves time and resources for small charity fundraisers, allowing them to focus on their core mission. A skilled designer can efficiently create a variety of visuals, such as infographics, presentations, and event materials, enhancing the overall quality and effectiveness of a charity's communications.

Partnering with a creative design professional empowers fundraisers to strengthen their brand, create impactful campaigns, and achieve better results in their fundraising efforts.

Our top tips and a template

Here's our five top tips for working with a designer or other creative professional, to help you get the most of the partnership:

We have created a briefing template that you can use when working with designers and creatives. Download the template and get started with your creative project today.

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