Sharing Stories of Children in Fundraising

26 April 2022
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Choosing to share their story can be hugely rewarding for a child looking to make an impact on the world. Their experiences have the power to inspire public support and change the lives of others. But it is a big decision, especially given that stories could be available publicly for the rest of their life, even if their circumstances change.

Whether the child is a service user, volunteer or supporter, charities need to take every step possible to make the experience of sharing their story empowering. This requires careful preparation, honest and open communication and rigorous safeguarding practices.  

This guidance provides vital direction to anyone wanting to fundraising based on children’s experiences. In order to ensure that fundraisers are not only fulfilling their legal responsibilities but also treating children and young people and their families with dignity and respect.  Whilst a fundraising campaign might be a priority of an organisation for a few months or years. That same story is somebody’s life and how you treat them and can make a world of difference about how they feel seen or heard.


Zara Todd, Disability and Inclusion Consultant

Asking children for consent to share their story

Learning about a child’s story

Including stories and images of children in fundraising materials

After the campaign or activity


Staying in touch and saying thank you after the story has been included in fundraising activities plays an important role in helping children and their family see the positive impact they have had on the charity and the cause. It's important to remember that circumstances can change quickly, particularly as children grow up, making it hard to sometimes determine how often and in what way fundraisers should reach out.  

To make sure the child and their support system are getting the best experience, fundraisers can ask themselves:  



Safeguarding checklist for all stages

These apply to all stages of the process, please note that there will likely be additional factors to consider which you can find in each section. 

Rules and Regulations about using children’s stories in fundraising

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