Professional Conduct Committee

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The Chartered Institute of Fundraising established the Professional Conduct Committee (the “Committee”) to drive forward its ambition to have the highest possible standards of professional conduct within the fundraising profession across the UK.

The Committee have the responsibility for continuing to develop the Chartered Institute’s Member Code of Conduct, the Code of Behaviour for its events, have oversight of all complaints and disciplinary policies and processes relating to professional conduct, and set up disciplinary and appeals panels as needed.

Role and Responsibilities

This Committee lead on the Institute’s approach to embedding the highest possible standards of professional conduct across its membership and across the profession more broadly.

It advises the Board and staff team on approaches to improving standards of professional conduct across the profession.

It has oversight of all complaints (internal and external) and responsibility, where necessary, for forming disciplinary panels. It has responsibility for making sure the Complaints & Disciplinary Rules fulfil their proper function of ensuring high standards of conduct by members of the Chartered Institute. It also ensures that people involved in the complaints and disciplinary processes are properly supported.

Key priorities include:

The Committee report formally to the Board of Trustees every quarter.


The Committee comprises of 9 members (including the Chair).

The Chair of the Committee shall be independent and recruited through an open process.

Membership of the Committee is based on expertise and experience, balancing knowledge and understanding of professional conduct, complaints and disciplinary procedures with fundraising experience and expertise in order to properly fulfil the role of the Committee and support the regulatory and disciplinary functions of the Chartered Institute.

Members were recruited for an initial term of 3 years, renewable once with the agreement of the Board.

Disciplinary and Appeals

The Committee support the Chartered Institute staff team to recruit, on an ongoing basis, a pool of suitably qualified people to be members of Disciplinary and Appeals Panels.

The Committee will establish Disciplinary Panels as it deems necessary.

The Committee will establish Appeals Panels as necessary to consider appeals by members who have been adjudged by a disciplinary panel of to have breached the Code of Conduct.

A member of the Professional Conduct Committee may not be a member of any Disciplinary or Appeals Panel, and vice versa.

Where any Disciplinary and Appeal Panel is considering a case which includes aspects related to any specific protected characteristics (including but not limited to age, gender, race, sexuality etc) that Disciplinary or Appeal Panel shall include members who share that or those protected characteristics.

Meetings and proceedings of the Committee

The Committee meet at least 3 times a year, and provide an update report to every Trustee meeting.

The Committee receive executive and secretariat support from the Head of Professional Conduct at the Chartered Institute.

The Committee will invite the CEO and/other Chartered Institute staff to attend as appropriate.

The Committee shall appoint a Deputy Chair, who shall lead meetings in the absence of the Chair.

Meetings includes virtual meetings, conference calls as well as face to face meetings.

Conflict of Interest

Members of the Committee shall avoid any situation that may give rise to a conflict of interest between the Chartered Institute of Fundraising and the Professional Conduct Committee. Members shall make full and immediate disclosure to the Committee if any such conflict should occur and disqualify themselves from the relevant elements of Committee business.

Confidentiality, transparency and communication

All matters discussed at the Committee will be undertaken on a strictly confidential basis.

A copy of the Terms of Reference relating to the Committee and its membership shall be available on the Chartered Institute’s website and upon request.

The Committee will consult the Institute’s members as necessary in relation to changes it is considering in relation to the Code of Conduct, to the Complaints and Disciplinary Rules or other systemic issues it is considering in relation to the professional conduct of members.

Communication in relation to the discussions and decisions of the Committee will be undertaken by the Chartered Institute.


Membership of the Committee is voluntary and not generally subject to remuneration, however, reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed by the Chartered Institute and remuneration will be considered as necessary to bring on specific expertise and/or to ensure there are no barriers to participation.

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