Code of Behaviour for Training and Events

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The Chartered Institute of Fundraising is committed to providing a welcoming and safe environment for everyone involved in Institute events or training and will not tolerate discrimination or harassment in any form.

The Code of Behaviour applies to anyone who engages with the Chartered Institute including, but not limited to, attendance at any events, training courses, National, Regional and Special Interest Group activities and social media interactions.

Action will be taken against anyone who does not adhere to this code of behaviour, regardless of their membership status with the Institute, under the Institute’s complaints procedures.

Behaviours that will not be tolerated by the Chartered Institute include, but are not limited to:

Participants asked to cease any inappropriate behaviour are expected to comply immediately.

Reporting of inappropriate behaviour

If you experience harassment or discrimination of any form whilst participating in any Institute event or activity, or if you are made aware that someone else may be affected by inappropriate behaviour, you should contact the Institute.

Reports of inappropriate behaviour can be made onsite at any event, by contacting an Institute staff member (or volunteer), or by emailing

All reports will be treated in confidence and investigated in accordance with the Chartered Institute’s disciplinary and complaints procedures.

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