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Individual Membership reflects your commitment to fundraising, enhancing your professional credibility and profile.

It will provide you with a wealth of services and support, including exclusive access to members' only content and resources, and the opportunity to join a wide range of different communities to help you develop your network.

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My Career is a library of resources to help you develop your career, identify your strengths, develop in new areas, improve your personal profile and find support in challenging times. Through My Career, you have access to the following:



You'll have access to a wide range of resources, including in-depth articles and guidance through members' only content (coming soon), as well as the latest news, information and trends to grow your fundraising knowledge.

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We offer a free legal helpline, you can benefit from discounted products and services, both business-related and personal, through Membership Plus

We offer a 50% reduction (£45 instead of £90) on cross-posting your organisation’s vacancies on the Jobs and Careers page (when you advertise on

If you pay your own subscription, you should be able to claim back 20% to 40% of the cost through tax relief. Just check out the relevant information on the HMRC website once you’ve joined.

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