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As we develop the Chartered Institute of Fundraising's next strategy, aware that we as an organisation need to change.

We can only build our next strategy if there is an understanding of where we are starting from, and we can only understand that position by listening. 

If you're not able to take part in one of the online member roundtable events, then we are eager to get your opinion via this form.

☝ An opportunity to allow frustrations to be constructively aired at the start and identify what you are dissatisfied with.
☝ An opportunity to highlight all that the Chartered Institute offers that adds value to you.
☝ If we were a brand-new organisation, what would you want the Chartered Institute to be doing to provide value and benefit for both your membership, and for the benefit of the wider sector?

The Chartered Institute of Fundraising, Canopi, 7-14 Great Dover Street, London, SE1 4YR is the data controller.

If you provide your name and/or email address, we will use this to contact you if we need to discuss with you the suggestions you have provided and comments you have made. Your feedback will not be shared outside of Chartered Institute staff members and only on a need to know basis. All feedback will be collated and anonymised before we make this available to all members after the final roundtable event.

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