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Below you can find a list of our upcoming training courses, qualifications and events. You can also view any resources (including blogs, guidance and articles). You can use the filter on the left to search for a specific type or interest for example. 

Giving to charity

This guidance page covers the ways you can give to charity- whether this is money, time or through donating goods.

Good asking

Good Asking – a report on why charities research and process supporter information.

Goodbye Hazel

Grants and trusts

Group Events - December 2021

Our national, regional and special interest volunteer groups run a wide range of networking, training and social events across the UK - here's what's coming up this month!

Group Events - November 2021

Our national, regional and special interest volunteer groups run a wide range of networking, training and social events across the UK - here's what's coming up this month!

Handling of cash and other donations

Handling and processing donations properly is crucial. This guidance page provides advice on how to do this effectively and covers five different types of payments.

Harpreet Kondel - Fundraising Consultant, HCH Consulting

Harpreet Kondel, Fundraising Consultant at HCH Consulting tells us about her inspirational story and her fundraising journey.

How can we grow giving in the UK?

There is a problem in charitable giving in the UK that we need to face up to - fewer people are donating to charity, and fewer people are being asked to give. Billions of pounds are still being r...

How charities can make their school fundraising more inclusive of pupils living in poverty

In this guest blog, Child Poverty Action Group share some of their findings from their latest report ‘'The Cost of Having Fun at School' and highlight steps fundraisers can take to make sure all stude...

How do we grow giving?

Mark Phillips, Owner, Bluefrog Fundraising Limited shares insights directly from donors on why they give and how fundraising can be re-imagined.

How fundraising is regulated

How I got into fundraising - Julie Forster

Julie Forster Fundraising Development Manager at Historic Environment Scotland, shares her origin story and some top learnings from her career as a fundraiser.

How I got into fundraising - Karen Hodgins

In this blog Karen Hodgins, Head of Public Fundraising at Scottish SPCA, shares her origins story.

How I got into fundraising - Sarah Morgan

In this blog Sarah Morgan, Legacy Development Manager at Erskine, discusses how she got into a career in fundraising.

How I started my career in fundraising - Justine Fox

Justine Fox is fundraising officer at Scottish Cot Death Trust. She recently moved into a professional fundraising role and talks about how her transferable skills from the commercial industry and why...

In person face-to-face fundraising guide

This guide can help support you and your future face-to-face fundraising. Whether you are in the planning stages, or simply have not used it yet within your fundraising strategies. It will also provid...

Inspiring a positive and open working culture

This page covers guidance on how to inspire a positive and open working culture.

International Women’s Day - Embrace Equity

Veronica Bamford-Deane, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Work for Good shares with us how we should all embrace equality.

Introduction to the new chair of the Partners forum

We are pleased to introduce Simon Dickson, Director of Strategic Consultancy at THINK, as the new Chair of the Partner’s Forum.