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Below you can find a list of our upcoming training courses, qualifications and events. You can also view any resources (including blogs, guidance and articles). You can use the filter on the left to search for a specific type or interest for example. 

How to secure a Charity of the Year partnership

If you're a fundraiser in a small charity and you want to secure a Charity of the Year partnership, this guide is a comprehensive look at how you can get from a blank page to securing a partnership.

Insights for small charities about Charity of the Year partnerships

Charity of the Year partnerships appeal to fundraisers because they are all about companies making cash donations to good causes. Here are some insights on the latest trends, which can help small char...

Top tips on getting funding for your charity film

Everyday donors are seeing loads of video content from a huge range of different sources and on a variety of platforms. Many fundraisers know that producing and using video content should be a key par...

Events Fundraising: Strategy & Planning (Management Level) (26 & 27-Jun-24)

**3 SPACES - Email to book** This engaging course is designed to help you to evaluate the performance of your current portfolio of events, drive forward your events.

Treating Donors Fairly: Managing Vulnerabilities Within your Organisation (26-Jun-24)

This course has been designed to support fundraising professionals working directly or indirectly with those in Vulnerable Circumstances so that they can work effectively, ethically and with care.

How to connect to Giving Tuesday as a small charity

Giving Tuesday takes place in December and is a global day of giving. How can small charities tap into this wave of generosity? Here’s our tips on how small charities can take part in Giving Tuesday a...

How to make the most of user-generated content

User-generated content can be a game-changer for small charities, allowing you to connect with your supporters without needing huge budgets. Find out how you can engage supporters to produce content ...

How to manage your fundraising workload in a small charity

If you're a fundraiser in a small charity, you're almost certainly busy all the time. To avoid burnout and to keep yourself healthy, it's important to manage your workload effectively. Here are some t...

How to work with a film company, with a template

Small charities need to make the most of producing film and animation to support their fundraising campaigns. Here's a guide of what to think about when working with a film company to maximise your ef...

Three steps any small charity can take to innovate

Fundraisers in small charities can be the best-placed to drive through innovation and boost creativity. Here are three ways you can start to think about innovation and embedding it into your small cha...

Corporate Fundraising (Practitioner Level) (27 & 28-Jun-24)

**FULLY BOOKED** You will develop the relevant knowledge, skills, techniques and confidence to enable you to successfully research, negotiate and manage corporate partnerships.

Managing your Community Fundraising Programme (27-Jun-24)

Managing community fundraising is a multi-faceted role requiring confident leadership and a strategic approach.

5 steps for career progression in a small charity

If you work as a fundraiser for a small charity, you’ll know it can be both challenging and exhilarating. When the time comes to take your career up a level, you might wonder how you can do that. Here...

How to develop a fundraising strategy, with a template

Developing a well-thought-out fundraising strategy is essential for small charities to achieve their financial goals and sustain their mission. This is our guide on how to create a fundraising strateg...

How to find your fundraising tribe

Having a good support network is a vital yet sometimes overlooked part of any job. We enjoy our work more when we feel happy and supported, and we work better, too. If you work in a small charity, it...

How to pick a CRM: a guide for small charities

A CRM is a database that charities use when they’ve outgrown spreadsheets and are struggling to manage their data. There are lots to choose from, here's our guide for small charities, to help you pick...

How to work with a designer, with a template

Collaborating with a creative design professional can bring numerous advantages to fundraisers in small charities. Here's our tips and a template for producing a creative brief for a designer.

How to work with a photographer, with a template

For small charities, working with a professional photographer can significantly enhance the impact of their communications and fundraising campaigns. Here's our tips and a template for producing a bri...

How to write a top-notch fundraising job advert, with a template

If you work in a small charity and you need to grow your fundraising team, writing a good job advert will help you attract the talent you're looking for.

Making your fundraising legal and compliant

Fundraising is an integral part of a charity’s ability to further its charitable purposes. But fundraising can also be fraught with regulatory obstacles and challenges, especially for small charities....