The power of mail

30 June 2020
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In partnership with Royal Mail MarketReach, this resource explores how charities can use mail to connect with audiences to increase donations, sign-up new donors and nurture supporter relationships.

Mail has long been at the heart of charity fundraising and supporter relationships. In today’s increasingly digital world, mail is a powerful media channel used by organisations large and small to reach audiences and to help supporters feel truly valued.

An integral part of the fundraising mix, charities often use mail to thank supporters for their commitment and donations; to provide updates; to equip event participants, campaigners and volunteers with what they need to take action and, of course, to appeal for funds.

4 out of 5 fundraisers
say that mail is a key part of their fundraising programme

Mail’s tangibility provokes a very different reaction than other channels, and with so much activity vying for people’s attention in the digital space, which is often more transient and peripheral, direct mail is more substantive. So, even if you don’t give when you receive it, it’s a reminder that the charity is there and a physical reminder to respond when the time is right. It can have a particularly strong impact on emotional resonance and engagement.

Daniel Fluskey, Head of Policy and External Affairs, Chartered Institute of Fundraising

The Power of Mail for charity fundraising

In partnership with Royal Mail MarketReach
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