The best sessions are interactive

19 February 2024
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In this short piece Gerald Richards, Director at B&G Partners LLP, discusses giving a masterclass session at the Scottish Fundraising Conference.

As part of my consulting work with B&G Partners, I have had the privilege of being a speaker at several Scottish Fundraising Conferences. It’s a great experience, and a great feeling to be able to share my expertise and knowledge about fundraising (in the US and the UK) to fellow colleagues in the field.

Last year, we provided a masterclass that gave attendees an opportunity to hone their fundraising pitch and deliver it to myself, my business partner, and other workshop attendees for feedback. For many, it had been the first time they’d been able to get feedback on the pitches they regularly give to potential funders and donors. For others it was a chance to get advice on their pitch for a new programme or piece of work.

There were many A-Ha moments during the sessions as well as lots of learning and laughs. If you are thinking of submitting a proposal for a session don’t be afraid that you don’t have expertise to offer. You most certainly do! The best sessions are the ones that are fun and interactive, the more interactive the better.

I think our session was so enjoyable because it gave everyone in attendance a chance to talk to and learn from each other. It’s what the Scottish Fundraising Conference is all about.

The deadline for the Scottish Fundraising Conference call for papers is midday on Wednesday, 13 March 2024. Submit your ideas here.

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