Supporting a safe return to fundraising in Scotland

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This page provides information on social distancing guidelines and rules in Scotland.

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12 May: New guidance on restarting fundraising activites from OSCR.

23 February: New information on the plan to ease lockdown restricitons in Scotland following the publication of Scotland's Strategic Framework Update

As the Covid-19 pandemic continues to impact everyday life, the approach taken to public health measures and restrictions imposed on activities across Scotland, including fundraising, has been led by the Scottish Government.

With restrictions changing over time, reflecting the different situation and needs in each of the four UK nations, it may be challenging to know what rules are in place in Scotland, and how and when fundraising activity that has had to be paused or cancelled (such as public fundraising, and community/events fundraising) can return safely.

The Scottish Government sets and publishes guidance for all individuals and organisations in Scotland to follow during the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes rules on social distancing, restrictions on business/charity activity, and any regional differences.

OSCR regulates Scottish charities and sets expectations and guidance for charities to follow for governance and accountability.

The Chartered Institute of Fundraising and the Fundaising Regulator have published guidance which is applicable to fundraising activity across all of the UK. While there may be national restrictions that differ in each nation, which fundraisers in that nation must follow, this guidance supports all fundraisers. Further guidance pieces, and updates to existing guidance, will be published in the coming weeks and months.

We strongly advise all fundraisers working in Scotland to follow all Scottish Government Guidance, and to refer to the Chartered Institute and Fundraising Regulator’s guidance as appropriate to plan for the return of fundraising activity when it is possible to do so.

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