New year, new decade: ten Change Collective resolutions for equality, diversity and inclusion

02 January 2020
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Elizabeth Balgobin, Interim Head of EDI at the Institute of Fundraising, gives her top ten tips for fundraisers and senior leaders on how to change fundraising into the equal, diverse and inclusive environment that we can all be proud of.

As we enter a new decade, let’s set ourselves a challenge to truly transform fundraising into the equal, diverse and inclusive environment that we can all be proud of and that our people deserve to work in. Change doesn’t come overnight, but, as 2020 dawns, we’d like to see all fundraising leaders making some resolutions that will set their teams on track to meet that challenge by 2030.

1. Open up where you advertise job roles. Look at equality specific job boards e.g. BAME Recruitment, Disability Jobsite and advertise in your local job centre or CVS to reach a broader range of candidates.

2. Recruit for culture addition, rather than culture fit to diversify the culture. Aim for visible as well as invisible difference and diversity of ideas and creativity.

3. Be thoughtful about the language you use to remove biased language and jargon.

4. Work on making your whole organisation inclusive – publish your equality, diversity and inclusion statement and policy. The people who you are aiming to attract will look for your stance on this so make it clear and make it inspiring.

5. Offer flexible working which can make a huge difference to attracting a wider range of staff.

6. Offer entry level job roles to bring new people into the profession. If you do this, ensure there’s a progression route on into a career within your organisation

7. Ensure everyone is welcomed to your organisation with a high quality, engaging, and consistent induction process. Offer buddying to pair new recruits with existing staff members. Make active steps to help people to settle in.

8. Ensure you’re offering opportunities fairly to everyone, not just those who shout loudest or who you happen to work more closely with.

9. Ensure that supervision processes are consistent and include regular career planning discussions.

10. Culture change is all our responsibility and as a leader you model that by being approachable, and open. Set the tone throughout the organisation on this – from board level down.

Which two or three can you implement now to make your work, your organisation and the fundraising profession diverse and inclusive?

Elizabeth Balgobin
Elizabeth Balgobin
Interim Head of EDI at the Institute of Fundraising.
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