How to find your fundraising tribe

14 June 2024
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This is part of our collection of resources aimed at small fundraising teams, individual fundraisers and small charities. Produced by the Chartered Institute and our expert partners.

Ronnie Young
Ronnie Young
Volunteering Manager, Chartered Institute of Fundraising

Having a good support network is a vital yet sometimes overlooked part of any job. We enjoy our work more when we feel happy and supported, and we work better, too. If you work in a small charity, it's vital you find your fundraising tribe and connect with your peers.

At the Chartered Institute of Fundraising, we don’t just want to support you to be better fundraisers; we want to connect you with a network of likeminded people who can help and support you as you progress in your fundraising career.

Our National and Regional Committees and Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are there to connect you with other members across the UK.  Our groups meet regularly via virtual and in-person events.

National and Regional Committees

We have three National Committees based in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, as well as 10 Regional Committees throughout England. Joining one of these committees will help you to connect with other fundraisers in your community.

Special Interest Groups

Our 23 Special Interest Groups cater to fundraisers from varying backgrounds, career paths, and life experiences. Broadly speaking, SIGs are formed around identities and beliefs (such as Black or Christian fundraisers) as well as specific types of fundraising (such as Payroll Giving or fundraising in the Health Sector). There are also five additional Scottish SIGs.

Check out our full list of our Regional & National Committees and SIGs

How can the Committees and SIGs support you?

Fundraising is challenging, and when working in a small team, you may feel isolated. Joining a Committee or SIG connects you with other fundraisers, both locally and across the UK, who understand both the benefits and challenges of a career in fundraising. 

If you’re new to fundraising, getting to know more experienced fundraisers can help you confidently begin your career with the right knowledge and tools. Alternatively, if you’ve been doing this for a while, you may be the one sharing your experience with others.

Joining a group also provides opportunities to socialise and get to know others outside of work, and means you’ll already know people if you come to one of our regional or national conferences. 

How to find the people who can support you

To make the most of our fundraising community:

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