Do you have what it takes to deliver one of fundraising’s flagship events?

04 February 2024
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Every year, a team of passionate volunteers come together to deliver the Chartered Institute of Fundraising Scotland's fundraising conference. There's an opportunity in 2024 for new people to join forces with the existing team and be part of the fundraising event of the year. Isla shares her thoughts on what you will gain by being part of the gang.

Joining the Chartered Institute of Fundraising Scottish Fundraising Conference and Awards committee offers several benefits, including:

Networking - Connect with your fellow fundraisers. Build relationships with experienced fundraisers, speakers, and industry leaders, expanding your network and even opening doors for future collaborations.

Professional development and skill diversification - Being part of the committee provides an opportunity for personal and professional growth. You can enhance your skills in event planning, organisation, sponsorship, marketing and collaboration.

Contribution to the profession - Play a crucial role in shaping and delivering the flagship event for fundraisers in Scotland. Your contributions can make a positive impact on the fundraising community, fostering knowledge-sharing, best practices and celebration.

Personal satisfaction - Contribute to the success of a significant event that brings together fundraisers to share ideas, celebrate achievements, and advance the fundraising sector in Scotland. This can be personally fulfilling and gratifying.

Overall, joining the Scottish Fundraising Conference and Awards committee is an enriching experience that not only benefits the fundraising profession in Scotland but also offers personal and professional benefits for committee members.

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