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Vulnerable Consumers
Law Family Commission
Society lottery reform

12 March 2020

While the government ultimately decided to adjust limits to a lesser degree than our 2018 consulation response recommended, we welcome the direction of travel and are pleased the Government is taking forward measures to implement the changes. As such, we support updating the license conditions and codes of practice to reflect the changes the Government plans to implement through legislation.

Charity Governance Code

28 February 2020

Our response focuses on Principle 6: Diversity and is informed by our work in this area. We welcome the focus and attention that this consultation brings to the diversity principle of the Charity Governance Code - by prioritizing this, rather than wait until the full Code review in 2023, the consultation acknowledges how important it is to good governance and effective leadership that this principle reflect best practice and understanding.


Sexual harassment in the workplace

3 October 2019

Our response welcomes the focus and attention that this consultation gives to the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace and we wholly support the intention behind the proposed changes to ensure that people are fully protected, regardless of their role in an organisation or who they interact with.

Our response to the consultation is informed through engagement and feedback from our members, therefore it concentrates on the areas that members focussed on most: the proposed changes around volunteers.

Scottish Charity Law

3 April 2019

Our response broadly agreed with the proposals put forward by the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR), which hope to increase transparency and accountability in the sector and make charity law more consistent across the UK.


Direct Marketing Code

20 December 2018

Our response informs a call for views on the Direct Marketing Code, making recommendations which seek to ensure that the new code is as informative and useful as possible for both charities and fundraisers.

Code of Fundraising Practice

14 November 2018

The Fundraising Regulator consultated on a new draft of the Code, focusing on the style, presentation, clarity and accessibility of the proposed new draft. Our response evaluates the new draft in respect to these principles. 

Society Lotteries

6 September 2018

Our response puts forward the benefits, challenges and priorities for charities in this ever-growing area of fundraising, and advocates for a regulatory system that maximizes returns to good causes and ultimately supports charitable giving and fundraising.

Charity Tax Commission

9 July 2018

The work of charities is therefore intrinsically ‘to do good’ for public benefit, therefore our response advocates for the view that the overriding policy for charity taxation (whether on charges charities have to pay, or on tax reliefs associated with charitable activities such as donating) should be focused on enabling the charity sector to maximise the public benefit it delivers.

Civil Society Strategy

21 May 2018

Our contribution to this exercise focuses on the intrinsic role of fundraising and giving in enabling civil society to thrive so that it can do more for beneficiaries, communities, and causes both at home and abroad.

Fundraising is the key that unlocks our country’s generosity and connects millions of people to causes, raising billions of pounds and bringing positive benefits for donors and supporters. Without a skilled and confident fundraising profession, and the dedication and commitment of millions of volunteers involved in fundraising, civil society would not exist as we know it, and not be able to be the civil society for tomorrow that we want and need it to be.

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