A lifetime of impact, a career in fundraising

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Katie Docherty

As a fundraiser in the past, and having been Chief Executive here at the Chartered Institute for just over a year, I am absolutely certain of one thing – your career in fundraising matters.

It matters for the causes and people who you raise money for, it matters to your colleagues and senior leadership teams in charities whose jobs and ability to commit and deliver services depends on the funds you raise, it matters to supporters who through your appeals and engagement get the feelings of joy and satisfaction and fulfilment that comes with giving money. That’s why I am so proud to be working here, proud to represent and champion your work, proud to be part of a community of members whose careers matter in such profound ways.

I hope you feel that pride in what you do, and I want others too as well. Because the other group of people for whom the impact of a career in fundraising matters…is you. From what I hear every day from members I speak to, and what comes across from research such as ‘What Makes Fundraisers Tick’ Independent & Academic Fundraising Research | Revolutionise is the belief and connection you have to the cause, and how much that is part of your moral identity. Because you care about what you do, and that for you fundraising is not just what you do, but it’s who you are.

Over recent weeks, we have been sharing and celebrating the stories of who are members are, why you do what you do, and what you achieve in your careers. Every time I see one of those stories, I know that I am in the right job. I get re-energised by your passion, uplifted by the difference you make, and inspired by your dedication to doing your jobs in the best possible way.

‘A lifetime of impact, a career in fundraising’. It’s why you do your jobs, it’s why I – and our staff team here – do theirs, and it’s why every year hundreds of you volunteer to support your colleagues and fundraisers all across the UK – whether it’s as one of our Trustees, part of one of our volunteer committees, at Convention, or as a mentor. And because it’s so central, we are going to put it front and centre of what we do. You might have noticed our homepage and visual identity are getting a refresh, that we change a bit in our comms – putting more of your voices at the heart of our work – and continuing to celebrate your amazing stories.

We have also launched a new career hub to showcase a career in fundraising, and this week we have also launched a new mini-series of a podcast focusing on careers in fundraising. You can listen to me on the first episode here, where I’m delighted to join Jayne George, Fundraising Director of the RNLI, Alan Clayton, CEO of Revolutionise, and Rob Cope, Executive Director Membership & Charitable Giving here at the Chartered Institute, to discuss why it’s so important we focus on this now, and highlight the kind of support needed from senior leadership teams in charities so that fundraisers can have the most impactful of careers.  

And if you want to get involved more with the work we and hundreds of fundraisers are doing together so that fundraisers can continue to make the biggest difference we will be soon opening up applications for our existing and new committees and I'd encourage you to put yourself forward. Our work is better the more that our members are at the heart of what we do, and I look forward to the chance to work more closely with you.

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