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The Diploma in Fundraising builds on your existing experience and skills to consolidate and expand your knowledge in all key aspects of fundraising.

This includes strategic planning and innovative techniques involved in fundraising. Graduates will become more effective and confident fundraising leaders and be equipped to manage the sustainable development and growth of fundraising income streams.

This qualification focuses on developing in-depth knowledge of fundraising practice and contains some elements of leadership and strategy. It is designed for those whose roles are concerned with developing practice, leadership, and strategic approaches in fundraising. As a guide you have a minimum of three years fundraising experience with a minimum of eighteen months in a paid position. You will also be actively engaged in a managerial or leadership role that includes fundraising. You will be employed in an organisation at present who will support you to complete the assessments for the course.

The Diploma course is equivalent to a Level 5 programme and is similar in level and assessment to the second year of a traditional full-time degree.

Please be aware that we will ask for your supporting organisations details and we may contact them.


Further details


You need to complete a series of three work-based and case-study assignments and take a three hour exam. See the assignment deadlines and exam date for each course on the booking page via the training, events and resouces listings .

Course format

The course is taught either via: 


On average, about nine months is needed. You should to commit six to eight hours per week which amounts to about 400 hours of individual study. You are expected to attend every session, actively engage with your class and tutor, and study in your own time.


3+ years paid or voluntary, with management experience (guide only) 

To ensure you are not placed at a disadvantage when studying for a Chartered Institute qualification you should have a strong command of written and spoken English to complete assignments to the required standard. 

You will need Internet access to use essential online course materials.

You will need to purchase the course textbook Sargeant, A. and George, J. (2022) Fundraising Management: Analysis, Planning and Practice (fourth edition), Routledge, London - it is not included within the course fee.

During the course you will write several assignments drawing on your workplace or your work practice, using your experiences as examples or as the basis for some research. In some situations you will be able to adapt your assignment and be able to submit your work as a Practice Paper to the Journal of Philanthropy and Marketing. The paper will be peer reviewed and if suitable published in the journal. If you would like to know more please use this link for further information

You will need to have read the course handbook before booking onto this qualification. This will help you decide if this is the right qualification for you. Please contact academy@ciof.org.uk for a copy of this document.

Fees and membership

  Individual Member Fee Non-Individual Member Fee
Live virtual delivery £2,685.00 £2,783.00
Online £2,339.00 £2,505.00

Booking terms and conditions apply for all Chartered Institute qualification courses. Fees do not include the course textbook.

If you are not yet an Individual Member your first year's membership is included with the non-member rate to enable you to access the full range of member benefits during your course. You must hold a valid Individual Membership while studying for a qualification. Visit our membership pages for more information.


After completing the Diploma in Fundraising you might wish to progress to the International Advanced Diploma in Fundraising.

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