Terry Stokes, Senior Workplace Giving Manager at Barnardo’s

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Payroll Giving
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Terry Stokes
Terry Stokes
Senior Workplace Giving Manager, Barnardo's

I’m the Senior Workplace Giving Manager at Barnardo’s. I oversee employee-led salary donations across Payroll Giving and our workplace lottery Winners Club.  

I’ve worked in the sector for 15 years now, previously at Macmillan Cancer Support and for the last 10 years at Barnardo’s. I’ve worked across various areas including individual giving, legacies, corporate partnerships and events.  

Membership of the Chartered Institute of Fundraising is a great way to learn more about what’s going on in the sector, to meet and learn from fundraisers in other charities and to ensure I’m up-to-date with industry developments relevant to my day-to-day role.  

Continual learning and development

My membership gives me information and connections. I enjoy hearing through newsletters and seminars about what’s going on in my area and the wider sector. I have also established connections with colleagues from across the sector, sharing my knowledge and learning from others.  

I’m continually learning and it makes me more aware of how what’s happening in the wider sector should be front of mind when planning my own work. Access to resources helps me ensure I’m doing the right thing and how to grow my area of fundraising. I find the resources, webinars and attendance at Fundraising Convention particularly helpful to my personal development.  

As well as my own development, the charity I work for also benefits as well. My membership makes me a more rounded fundraiser, stepping outside of my own day-to-day to learn about what’s going on in the sector and then to incorporate that learning into my role. I can also share what I’ve learnt with others improving knowledge for colleagues.  

My professional development

Membership has helped me develop my career too. The things I have learnt through my membership has helped make me better placed for new roles, and it encourages me to continue challenging myself to deliver better for Barnardo’s and the children and families we support.  

Throughout my fundraising career, staying connected with the sector and others outside of our organisation has been incredibly beneficial. There’s so much going on and a Chartered Institute membership helps you to prioritise and connect with what’s directly relevant to you but also to the resources, information and people that will help you to grow and develop.  

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