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Update: March 2022:

The work of the Safeguarding Task Group was delivered initially by a shadow group of volunteers with the expert support of our safeguarding advisers and Head of Professional Conduct, and the tasks identified for that group have largely been delivered. As part of our governance review we are looking at the best way to use a reflective group on safeguarding issues to help shape our policies and training.

Terms of Reference - April 2021


The Trustees have established this Safeguarding Task Group to review and strengthen our approach to safeguarding within the Chartered Institute and the wider fundraising community and to ensure that the actions set out in response to the Learning Review are delivered and ensure a safe and respectful fundraising community for all.

Specifically, the Task Group will focus on:

Role and responsibilities

The Task Group shall:


The Safeguarding Task Group will be led by an independent Chair with members recruited through an open process to bring on board specific expertise from the Chartered Institute’s membership, Tell Jane, legal expertise and expert safeguarding expertise.

The Board has appointed two Trustees to set up the formal Safeguarding Task Group, supported by Lucy Caldicott, Fellow of the Chartered Institute. The Trustees will report back to the Board of Trustees who will provide regular oversight.

There will be two categories of membership:

The Task Group meeting will be quorate when a minimum of three core members of the Group are present (in person, online or via telephone), including at least one Trustee.

Membership of the Task Group will include Chartered Institute staff, Chartered Institute members and non-members. Additional contributions will be invited for specific areas of expertise or experience and to ensure that issues specific to the fundraising sector are represented and addressed proportionately.

The Task Group will seek inputs that reflect the diversity, size and scope of the sector as well as other interested stakeholders or expert contributors; including but not limited to:

A member of the Task Group shall cease to be a member if s/he:

Meetings and proceedings

The Task Group aims to complete its role within a year and shall hold regular meetings on a schedule agreed by the Chair and core members. The format of meetings will include virtual meetings, conference calls as well as face to face, depending on availability, restrictions on meeting face to face and the order of business which will be determined by the Task Group itself.

Membership of the Task Group is voluntary and not subject to remuneration, however, if there are face to face meetings, reasonable travel expenses will be reimbursed by the Chartered Institute. There is scope to consider appropriate remuneration to ensure there are no barriers to participation and to value lived experience.

Ensuring transparency

Conflicts of Interest

Members of the Safeguarding Task Group shall avoid any situation that may give rise to a conflict of interest between them, the Chartered Institute of Fundraising and the Task Group. Members shall make full and immediate disclosure to the Task Group if any such conflict should occur and disqualify themselves from the relevant elements of Task Group business.


All external communications for and on behalf of the Safeguarding Task Group will be coordinated by the Chartered Institute’s External Affairs team.

Governance Oversight

The Board of Trustees will retain oversight of the work of the Safeguarding Task Group. The Trustee representatives will provide a formal report to the Trustees at their Board meetings, with interim updates as appropriate.

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