Fundraising Convention Board - Role Description

About Fundraising Convention

Fundraising Convention usually takes place the first week of July on the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the Barbican Centre, London. Online content provision will also be made available to relevant delegates.

Fundraising Convention is the leading fundraising conference in Europe and biggest outside the US, regularly attracting over 2,500 attendees. Both experienced members of the fundraising community and those at the threshold of a career in fundraising see Fundraising Convention as the place to grow; with new ideas to consider and techniques to learn and apply.

The programme of content-rich sessions, presented by experienced and knowledgeable speakers, is streamed into clear tracks to reflect the current fundraising marketplace. It includes sessions for all levels of experience and for all sizes of organisation so that programmes can be specifically built around attendees’ needs to ensure they get the most out of their convention.

There are also plenty of opportunities to interact with and learn from one another; with networking, facilitated sessions and social events woven into the fabric of the event.

The Chartered Institute of Fundraising

Responsibility for delivering Fundraising Convention rests with the Chartered Institute Events Team. This includes the financial planning and management of the event, promoting Fundraising Convention and ultimately running the event. The Head of Volunteering, Membership and Events is responsible for the content as well as for ensuring that Fundraising Convention meets the Chartered Institute’s financial and non-financial objectives. The Senior Events Manager will be the operational lead for both the online and in-person experience.

The Fundraising Convention Board

Reporting to the Chartered Institute of Fundraising, the Fundraising Convention Board’s key responsibility is to shape and deliver excellent learning content for Fundraising Convention.

Board members are selected for their commitment and contribution to the sector, their knowledge, networks and desire to see the sector improve.

It is recognised that the Board comprises senior, time-stretched committed people so all meetings will be held virtually unless collectively agreed otherwise. The contributions of the Fundraising Convention Board are truly appreciated.

Each Fundraising Convention Board Member works with 1 or 2 other Fundraising Convention Board Members to develop one of the tracks of conference content for Fundraising Convention, by selecting from the submissions created by the Chartered Institute’s call for sessions and then actively inviting and confirming speakers to fill any gaps for a high quality and comprehensive coverage of the issues and techniques.

Board members then work with speakers to ensure quality of content, that sessions fulfil the brief and are tailored to the audience. The Board are also ambassadors for Fundraising Convention and play an active role at the event itself.

The role of Fundraising Convention Board Members and the Fundraising Convention Board Chair can be held for up to three consecutive years.

We ask that during their time on the Board, Fundraising Convention Board members do not volunteer on committees for other (non-Chartered Institute of Fundraising) fundraising focussed events.

In line with other Chartered Institute Committees, all Board members must hold a current Individual Membership of the Chartered Institute.

Board members are required to abide by and champion our Code of Behaviour for Training and Events

The Content

  • Each of the three days of Fundraising Convention day starts with a plenary session before the programme then splits into tracks.
  • Tracks are designed to focus content of Fundraising Convention into specific fundraising disciplines thus making it easier for delegates to plan their sessions and also to ensure that the content represents a spectrum of knowledge.
  • Alignment with and reference to the Chartered Institute’s Competence Framework will be an important feature of Fundraising Convention
  • Online content will be delivered to ensure that the event remains accessible, and will complement the in-person experience
  • Board members are requested to work in teams of two or three with responsibility for a particular track within the Fundraising Convention, following the agreed format each year

The Tracks

It is likely that these will be reviewed for 2022, but as a guide, our Fundraising Convention Board members have expertise across the following areas:

  • Beyond the Sector
  • Legacies
  • Personal Development and Leadership
  • Philanthropy  and Partnerships
  • Public Fundraising and Mass Engagement
  • Strategy
  • Supporter Insight and Research
  • The Future of Fundraising

Role Description for Fundraising Convention Board Members

Overall Objective

To support the Chartered Institute of Fundraising and the Convention Board Chair in delivering an effective programme of workshops and sessions for Fundraising Convention.

Main Tasks


To co-ordinate an allocated track and to identify speakers to achieve this.


To carry out tasks as are mutually agreed at Fundraising Convention Board meetings to agreed timescales. To search for speakers and encourage them to submit sessions online.


To bring to the attention of the Chair or Head any matter which could influence a positive or negative outcome for Fundraising Convention.


To ensure attendance at every Fundraising Convention Board meeting. 


To attend Fundraising Convention on a full-time basis and attend key events within Fundraising Convention.  It is acknowledged that there may be exceptions to this.  A complimentary three-day pass will be provided for you.


Duties and responsibilities Include:

  • Consult widely in the sector and identify potential topics for sessions.
  • Assess all the session submissions received through the Fundraising Convention website.
  • Proactively identify potential speakers and approach them to agree session content, being mindful of budget and agreeing any cost implications with the Events Team
  • To communicate well with the Events Team and encourage your speakers to do the same, which includes keeping the Events Team in the loop and keeping to production deadlines.
  •  Develop a programme for the Track, which has a wide variety of high quality sessions. There should be a balance between innovation, breadth of subjects covered, and depth of learning to cater for a wide range of audience experience.
  • To ensure the speakers feel proud to speak at Fundraising Convention and enjoy the experience.
  • To maintain contact with all speakers in your track to ensure that the session description and brief are being fulfilled.
  • To attend and introduce the sessions within your track and evaluate track feedback following Fundraising Convention and pass on recommendations for the following year.



To bring to the attention of the Chair any potential conflicts of interest, and if required, to withdraw from Fundraising Convention Board meetings when such matters are discussed.


To broadcast and champion the value of Fundraising Convention to the sector as the key learning event of the year, including some personalised promotional activity.




To illustrate the extent of involvement, the general timelines and times of key activities, please see the timeline for Fundraising Convention below.



Involvement of Board

6 December

Introductory Fundraising Convention Board meeting:
- Confirmation of Board Chair
- Share brief for 2022 event
- Agree track allocation

Attend meeting & contribute

6 January

2nd Fundraising Convention Board meeting:
- Confirm event format
- Confirm expectations re. call for papers
- Agree ‘save the date’ / outline Convention programme comms and incentives to book quickly

Attend meeting & contribute

13 January

Call for papers opens


14 February

Call for papers closes

Board access online submissions

End February

Track teams meet separately to select from sessions

Attend meeting(s), make decisions, provide brief notes as to why unsuccessful sessions not selected.  Plan put in place to fill gaps

Early March

Source other speakers/sessions

90% complete tracks

10 March

3rd Fundraising Convention Board meeting

Attend meeting & contribute


All speakers/sessions (inc plenary speakers) confirmed

Ensure agreed deadline is met and completed tracks forwarded to Senior Events Manager in format requested, complete with session titles, descriptions, speaker/s (inc name, job title, org, email address and phone number), plus details of any agreed expenses. Progress speaker declarations


Senior Events Manager & Chair of Fundraising Convention Board meet to review agenda, checking for duplication, over/under representation from individuals/orgs/types of orgs/level of session

Advise track teams of any suggested changes

End March

Board action any final changes

Action changes

14 April

All track speakers/sessions confirmed and content finalised, ready for design and publication

Ensure deadlines are met

21 April

Fundraising Convention Preview Brochure & website populated


25 April

4th Fundraising Convention Board meeting to discuss launch, marketing, promo

Attend meeting & contribute