Do you feel on the fringes of your potential?

05/06/2024 | by Daryl Upsall & Sarah Tite

‘Fundraisers are in a delicate position – they create enormous impact for the charities they work for, but many are working towards burnout, and some are thinking of leaving the profession all together.’

This is the opening statement from the Chartered Institute of Fundraising talking about why the focus on wellbeing and inclusion was so important for this years’ Fundraising Convention. As part of supporting fundraisers to thrive not just survive day to day, Daryl Upsall International and Sarah Tite Coaching Ltd are providing Fringe Event support to fundraisers, helping them move from the fringes to their own Centre Stage .


At Fundraising Convention (in person and virtually) delegates can:

  • Have the space to pause, talk, think and explore with an experienced professional coach. You might want to spend time making a plan to step out of overwhelm; or to prepare for a challenging conversation; perhaps it’s time to get clarity on an important decision.  A 30-minute taster coaching session with one of the charity experienced coaching team brought together by Sarah Tite Coaching Ltd is a powerful way to get clarity and kick-start change.
  • Book time with the expert team from Daryl Upsall International for a complimentary 30-minute consulting “ask an expert” session with a senior and experienced professional leader to discuss any fundraising challenges and/or opportunities that you face and unlock the potential of your fundraising programme. Or why not take advantage of complimentary 30-minute career /recruitment insight session with a professional career coach and recruitment leader?


Are you curious about what might be possible, or are you telling yourself that…

  1. I don’t have anything to say. Are you sure there’s nothing you could do with some insights on?
  2. I don’t have time. Not even 30 minutes?
  3. I have no big fundraising challenge or opportunity to bring to a session. Plenty of time for this!
  4. I am neither looking for a new career opportunity or for new staff for my team.
  5. I am worried I might get upset. The coaching area is set away from the rest of the conference and is a supportive confidential space.
  6. I don’t know what to expect. Once you’ve chosen the right person for you, they will be happy to share more details about what to expect or how you can prepare.  
  7. I am going to wait until I am ready! How will you know when you are ready? They say prevention is better than cure, in fact it is a fundamental principle of modern health care. It’s better to stop something before it happens, instead of having to deal with its consequences after the problem has already happened or the damage already done.


This is what one of the attendees who took up their fringe benefit:

"Having an open and honest conversation with someone removed from my day to day brought a fresh perspective and encouraged me to continue the rest of my day with a positive and open mindset. Thank you Judith”.

- CIOF Convention 2023 Attendee


So, are you ready to talk. Ready to step into whatever the future holds with confidence?

Step One: Book your in-person or virtual ticket so you can be part of Fundraising Convention 3-4th July.

Step Two: Find the right person for you and book a career chat, fundraising insights discussion or taster coaching session. You can book time slots for all three if that is what you need and want! 

  • Book a 30-minute taster coaching session with one of the charity experienced coaching team brought together by Sarah Tite Coaching Ltd 
  • Book a complimentary 30-minute consulting “ask an expert” session or 30-minute career /recruitment insight session with the expert team from Daryl Upsall International

We will be online and in-person.

Step Three: Make this time a priority, book it in your diary – online or paper we don’t mind but protect this space – it will be worth one, two or three 30 minutes of your time we promise!


Your partners are Sarah Tite Coaching Ltd and Daryl Upsall International – if want to find out a little more about our teams today.