Application Form

Please refer to the role description before completing your application.

A key strategic goal of the Board is to ensure the Fundraising Convention – programme, delegates and speakers – reflects the diversity of our wider community.
Our Board are also seeking to grow the overall impact of the Fundraising Convention, increasing our reach, quality and delegate satisfaction, while helping to increase professional development in the sector. Please provide a short personal statement (max 300 words) outlining how you would help the Board to achieve its goals, drawing on your skills, expertise and experience
If selected I agree to make the following commitments as part of my role on the board and understand that I may be asked to stand down if these are not met: • To attend all Convention Board meetings throughout the year - allowances will be made for pre-existing commitments at the time of appointment) • To work to the brief and deadlines set by the Chartered Institute (and to make sure that sufficient time is set aside in my schedule to enable this to happen) • To make sure that I am in regular contact with the speakers in my track, to ensure that the brief is met • To decline opportunities to serve on volunteer on committees for other (non-Chartered Institute of Fundraising) fundraising focussed events during my period on the Board • To abide by and champion our Code of Behaviour for Training and Events