'The bursary made me feel as if Fundraising Convention was dedicated to creating equity’

16/06/2021 | by Manpreet Dhadda

Last year Manpreet Dhadda attended Fundraising Convention Online with a RAISE bursary. In this Q&A she explains what she got out of Fundraising Convention and why she’d recommend others working at arts organisations apply for a bursary.

1. Why did you attend Fundraising Convention Online last year?

This was my first role in fundraising, and so I wanted to learn as much as I could from what seemed to be a hub of knowledge.

2. How did you find Fundraising Convention Online worked being online?

It felt less strict in terms of timelines and accessibility, and so I was able to pick and choose what I wanted to attend whilst working from home. I could also network using the app, and catch up on content I missed.

Having to travel to the conference would’ve taken large chunks out of my work week when I was still very new to the role—I started in March 2020. I could access content in my own time, and location didn’t factor in.

3. Coming from an arts organisation, what did you learn at Fundraising Convention Online?

I understood the breadth of fundraising and the overarching skillsets, priorities, and ambitions that hold it all together. I could see how charities in very different areas were, at their core, striving for the same goals and using the same methods.

4. Would you recommend others at arts organisation apply for a RAISE bursary?

Definitely—I didn’t have to worry about the financial value of my learning experience, and so this took away stress and anxiety that may have come without the bursary. Although I feel very supported by my organisation to explore learning opportunities, having the bursary made me feel as if the convention was dedicated to creating equity and looking at learning as a personal and individual experience for all.

5. Are there any learnings from Fundraising Convention that you’ve been able to apply to your job?

How to engage with supporters remotely, and the importance of keeping in mind core values with every small decision.

6. What was your highlight of Fundraising Convention last year?

Seeing Lenny Henry do the opening speech!

7. Would you recommend someone attend Fundraising Convention Online?

Definitely—you can build it around your work day, network with likeminded peers, and learn things you might not necessarily see in your own organisation.

Manpreet Dhadda is Events Coordinator at Opera North, Leeds