I miss being part of a team

06/12/2022 | by Michael Mogan MBE

I miss being part of a team. Covid-19 gave us all the chance to “live the dream” of working in our pyjamas, drinking coffee and never stepping outside the front door.

But let’s be honest, it was not quite the utopia many of us had anticipated.

For me fundraising can be a lonely place anyway. I have often been the only fundraiser for an organisation, or the director responsible for the performance of all team members. This can mean it’s down to you to create strategies, build relationships, write bids, take photos of stilt walkers and ultimately hit ever-increasing targets.

"That’s why moments of companionship are key; meeting someone who is in the same role and who can support and test you within the fundraising sphere."

There’s probably no better way to meet a throng of fellow fundraisers than at the Chartered Institute's Fundraising Convention. I have fundraised for more than 30 years, but was asked to attend and talk about the achievements of my 10 year old twins, who set up a Crowdfunder to help save their beloved Coventry United Women FC.

Ironically, my track record is in trusts, corporate, lottery and High Net Worth individual giving, so to enthuse people about the power of the Crowd was a side-step! But it was a step to the side I am really glad that I took. Not only did it give me the chance to (I am assured) enthuse fellow fundraisers, I also took the chance to listen and learn from their presentations – and to attend other sessions which challenged, refreshed and educated!

And, of course, some of the best conversations happen over coffee and muffins. Much of my work is now with NHS Charities and I cannot deny that there were some very interesting conversations about working together – which made attendance on the conference even more worthwhile!

And to have a “day out” which did not involve hours of preparation and include a key meeting or vital pitch made for a chance to recharge and come back stronger.

So – if you are feeling a tad lonely, isolated, or as though no-one truly grasps how hard it can be to fundraise at the moment, go to the Convention and meet those who really “get you”!