Empowering Fundraisers to Thrive: Fundraising Convention's Focus on Wellbeing and Inclusion


Fundraisers are in a delicate position – they create enormous impact for the charities they work for, but many are working towards burnout and some are thinking of leaving the profession all together.

With this in mind, as organisers of Fundraising Convention, we wanted to make sure that all those who attend the event in person and virtually, have access to a range of wellness activities and mental health support. The theme for this year’s Convention is Learning and Thriving Together, and fundraisers can’t thrive if they are working themselves to burnout.

Fundraising Convention is a fantastic and busy two days, where fundraisers from charities large and small come together to learn about the latest trends, gather insights, hear from others and galvanise their own fundraising.

We also want Fundraising Convention to be a place where all fundraisers feel welcome and included, and that wellbeing is prioritised.

This year’s programme for our in-person and virtual events features a whole track dedicated to career development, leadership and wellbeing and we also have a range of fringe activities and spaces for people to take some time to gather their thoughts, escape the buzz and have a moment of calm.

At Fundraising Convention (in person and virtually) delegates can:

  • Find out how to take self-care as another thing from your to-do list and make it meaningful for you

  • Learn how re-framing failure can help employee wellbeing

  • Discover how coaching supports your wellbeing and how fundraisers can think, feel and behave, through a live coaching demonstration

  • Book a complimentary 30 minute coaching session with a professional career coach.

In addition, delegates for the virtual event will be able to access on-demand mindfulness sessions, and more wellbeing activities will be added for virtual and in-person attendees.

Richard Radcliffe, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Fundraising and fundraising consultant, says: “I have been in fundraising for 45 years and I’ve never seen such pressurised times. There’s many reasons why fundraisers are coming under a lot of pressure, and it’s vitally important that organisations focus on donor happiness as well as fundraiser happiness. In some organisations, practical help is missing, and that’s why I’m pleased to see the range of wellbeing activities available at this year’s Fundraising Convention. I hope that those who participate will be able to take some of the learnings from Convention about fundraiser happiness and wellbeing back to their roles and feel empowered to make changes where they can.”

Early bird tickets for Fundraising Convention are available now.