A message to members from Katie Docherty and Board of Trustees ahead of Fundraising Convention

21/06/2022 | by Katie Docherty

When I started at the Chartered Institute of Fundraising, I made a promise to listen and not be afraid to take difficult decisions to make sure we truly represent our fundraising community.  

Following constructive and honest conversations with partners over the last few days, I wanted to let our members know that we have taken the decision to pause some sponsorship relationships of Fundraising Convention.  

We have taken this decision in light of recent news which has highlighted the business relationships that some companies have through their group structures in the US with the National Rifle Association, which has resisted calls to restrict access to firearms, despite the tragedy of mass shootings in the nation.   

This hasn’t been an easy decision to make as we hugely value our relationships with these organisations and the commitment they have made to us and the wider sector through sponsorship of Fundraising Convention and other partnership activities.   

These organisations are long-standing partners and valued suppliers to the fundraising community across the UK. But with Fundraising Convention less than two weeks away, sponsorship of the event has been paused to give us time to review the situation in detail, as well as to engage members in discussions about collaborations and how we navigate these challenging issues together. 

As a membership organisation representing the variety of charitable causes and the fundraising community across the UK our work must be driven by our and our members’ values. While the causes our members raise money for may be different, we are united in striving towards a better world.  We are committed to working towards that shared goal in everything we do, including our events programme.  

Our priority for Fundraising Convention is that our members, delegates, and volunteers, as well as exhibitors and sponsors, get the best possible experience, which includes thinking about everything from their perspective, over and above the financial bottom line.