What do the Judges want to see in National Fundraising Award nominations?

Hear what some of our 2024 National Fundraising Awards judges are looking for in nominations.

"I believe strongly that excellent fundraising is born where rigorous data analysis meets a passion for delivering meaningful support experiences.  I’ll be looking for entries that highlight great stewardship at the same time as demonstrating clear results in terms of money raised for the cause.  Show me how you’re building on what you’ve learned before – from your own work or others’ – and how you’ve adapted that learning to be even more successful.  Tell me about how you’ve applied the highest ethical and professional standards in your work and what others can learn from you."

Meredith Niles, Chair, SOFII

"Fundraising produces philanthropy because, as common wisdom has it: if you don’t ask you don’t get. I’m looking forward to seeing nominations that describe how the process of asking has helped to inspire new, repeat, and bigger gifts that would not have happened without the talented application of fundraising skills. I’m also keen to see nominations that illustrate fundraising’s bigger purpose which is not just about the quantity of money coming in but rather is about successfully securing financial and non-financial resources that make the world a better place. If charities are the vehicles that can turn money into meaning then fundraisers are the alchemists who make that magic happen. I'm very much looking forward to reading, and being inspired by your nominations."

Professor Beth Breeze OBE, Director, Centre for Philanthropy, University of Kent

"Fundraising is a blend of art, science, determination, innovation and luck. When the flow of money through the system is slower and we all feel the impact of what our £ can buy at home, I would like to see entries which reflect innovation in demonstrating impact; how all four of those components have been brought to bear – and as a bonus novelty in retaining donors for the long term."

Jo Swinhoe, Executive Director of Income Generation, NSPCC

"Fundraising is exciting, being a fundraiser is a privilege, our role is to connect donors with the change they want to see in the world. My criteria is simple how does your work make it possible for donors to be part of that change and engaged in a way that makes them feel that their giving makes a difference."

Jayne George, Director of Fundraising, Marketing and Media, RNLI

"Start from the beginning, the challenges that you had, why you had to take action. Talk about the characters involved, and your progress and how you did it. Explain how you resolved the conflicts that you had, and the impact and difference that you made. Show us your passion for fundraising! Your story does not need to be long, it needs to be engaging and impactful. Good luck and have fun telling your story."

Dr Joyce Fraser OBE, Founder and Chair, Black Heroes Foundation

"I want to know what drives you. I strongly believe the fundraising profession has the power to develop our courage, resilience and creativity and for that reason fundraisers can be an absolute lifeline for many institutions. Tell me about your fundraising journey, the impact you have had on your organisation/s' sustainability and the difference that you made to the lives of others."

Monwara Ali, Chief Executive Officer, Waltham Forest Community Hub