Volunteer Fundraiser of the Year

For any individual or group who has made a major contribution to fundraising, over a significant period, for one or more organisations without remuneration.  

This award is for someone, or a team of people, who by their hard work, dedication and example have made a difference to the charity or charities for which they have worked on a voluntary basis.  

Entries can be made either by the charity for whom the volunteer has worked or by the volunteer themselves.  

Successful entries should include some or all of the following information:  

  • The background story in respect of the nominee’s work for the charity  
  • The length of time that the volunteer has been involved with the organisation  
  • The nature and extent of the fundraising undertaken  
  • The significance and difference this fundraising has made to the organisation or a particular community  
  • The ways in which this contribution has already been recognised by any other body or agency  
  • Innovative approach to fundraising  
  • Ways in which the volunteer has been an inspiration to others  

Judges' insight: "Important to demonstrate impact on the charity/ community beyond just income raised or number of years volunteering."  

Please note: each question box has a maximum count of 3000 characters, which is approximately 300 words.