Best Supplier to the Fundraising Sector of the Year  

For a company that works within the fundraising sector and has demonstrated a true commitment to improving the fundraising capacities of the charities that it supports.   

Entries may be made by any company that works within the charity sector and of which at least 50% of its clients are not-for-profit.  

Entries may be made by the organisation itself or on its behalf by any interested parties.  

Successful entries will be from companies that can demonstrate a long history of going the extra mile and ensuring that their charity clients get exceptional value for money.  

Successful entries should include:  

  • Details of the organisation’s history of involvement in the charity sector  
  • Demonstration of consistent excellence and significant results in fundraising  
  • Demonstration of a significant increase in the charity’s fundraising performance over a period of time as a result of the nominee’s involvement  
  • Testimonial from at least one recent client (within the last 6 months) 
  • A demonstration of true value for money and return on investment  
  • The development of new or innovative fields of fundraising work  

Please note: each question box has a maximum count of 3000 characters, which is approximately 300 words.