Fundraising Event of the Year

This award is for a charity that has demonstrated an innovative approach to event fundraising.

This may be for any type of event used to raise charitable income and may include community, charity, virtual or special events.

Successful entries will provide a comparison of event income to overall fundraised income for the charity, clearly demonstrating the significant impact of the event on the charity.

They will also demonstrate a level of innovation or new ground for your organisation and judging will focus on the following areas:

  • Campaign objectives
  • Target audience – how were they reached?
  • Forecasting – how was success intended to be measured?
  • Reach – what non-financial results did you achieve?
  • Innovation – to what extent was this event innovative or ground-breaking for your charity?
  • Support – what support was given by those outside of the immediate fundraising/events team? Please include CEO and board involvement if applicable.
  • Volunteers (if applicable) – how many volunteers were involved in the event? How were they recruited?

Please note: each question box has a maximum count of 3000 characters, which is approximately 500 words.