Fundraiser of the Year

For a professional fundraiser who, in the view of their peers, has shown consistent excellence and best practice in achieving high quality fundraising through either their own efforts or their vision and strategy.   

Anyone working as a fundraiser for any organisation, which is charitable in law, may win this award.  

Entries may be made by anyone except the nominee. They are most likely to be made by a senior member of staff at the organisation at which the nominee works, or from one of the nominee’s peers at another charity.  

The entry should explain the context and background to the individual and will include some or all of the following information:  

  • Demonstration of consistent excellence and significant results in fundraising  
  • Demonstration of a significant increase in the charity’s fundraising performance over a period of time as a result of the nominee’s involvement  
  • Demonstration of leadership  
  • A commitment to pass on knowledge and skills to other fundraisers  
  • A record of successful volunteer management  
  • Ability to develop the talents of others  
  • The development of new or innovative fields of fundraising work for the charity  
  • The engagement people or communities with no previous connection to the charity  

Please note: each question box has a maximum count of 3000 characters, which is approximately 300 words.

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