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Listing in our directory of suppliers is open to all Corporate Members of the Chartered Institute. Being in this directory does not imply that the Chartered Institute recommends any organisation.

If you would like to be included in the directory or would like to update your listing, please contact

The Regiment Support Service is a not for profit social enterprise, currently assisting the British Army by providing regimental diaries and notebooks. The diaries and notebooks are sold as way of raising funds for important regimental causes and are also given free to all soldiers who are currently serving at home and abroad in the various conflicts throughout the world.
RightMarket is software designed to help charities build their brand and drive their identity at street level.
We are experts in planning and buying media for charities and not for profit organisations.
Route3’s mission is to refocus the f2f sector on lifetime value and return on investment, in a market often driven by volatile short-term goals and incentives.
Everyone who wants to change the world should have the tools and technology to do so. Technology is the greatest equaliser of our time.
Completely free to use for all registered UK charities. Savoo raises money for charities after consumers select their favourite charity, and then use Savoo as their web search engine “Savoo Search” and shop using voucher codes and deals via the “Savoo Shop”
SMILE specialises in Door to Door, Private Site and Street fundraising across a high percentage of the UK ensuring high quality donor recruitment as well as an ethical, honest and consultative approach to fundraising campaigns. This is both for Regular Giving and Lottery campaigns.
For over 25 years Stratcom have been helping charities and non-profits redefine their fundraising & campaigns
We offer door to door services, fundraisers at private sites and events.
We believe business should make a positive difference in society. At Access, many of us have come from the not-for-profit sector and worked for charities. We understand your challenges. We know what you’re up against. Together our combined enthusiasm, your determination and Access not-for-profit technology will bring freedom do more for your causes.