Developing a Powerful Case for Support (11-Mar-24)

11 March 2024
10:00AM to 04:30PM

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This engaging course is designed to help you to evaluate the key component parts of the case for support and assist you to develop this into a powerful fundraising message enabling donors to feel compelled to give.

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At the heart of every letter you send, every annual statement you print, and any speech you make is your Case for Support, which must answer the critical question, “Why should I support your cause?” Yet many organisations’ case statements leave prospects and donors thinking, “so what?”

This engaging course is designed to help you to evaluate the key component parts of the case for support and assist you to develop this into a powerful fundraising message enabling donors to feel compelled to give.

Gill is incredibly knowledgeable and clearly passionate about developing Fundraisers to reach their full potential. I valued all of the advice given and the practical tools that I can use again and again, to continuously develop our case for support. The course gave me a chance to really think about our case for support and how tweaking the way we speak can have a dramatic effect.

Natasha Brame, Grants and Gifts Officer at University of Suffolk

Who should attend?

This course is designed for those who need to develop their organisation's case for support. You may be new to fundraising or you may want/need to take this opportunity to stand back and look at the component parts of your key message to review/improve it.

Benefits you and your organisation

This course will enable you to clearly define and articulate your own engaging case(s) for support. You will have the confidence to tailor your case for each of your key supporter and stakeholder groups, and know how to keep them up to date. Your organisation will benefit from your expertise which will help you raise more funds.

Learning outcomes
  • Identify the information and resources necessary to build the case
  • Use the case for support both internally and externally
  • Break down the content into the component part
  • Compare and contrast different Case for Supports
  • Demonstrate how to use your case in writing and face to face
  • Use your case as a starting point for building a relationship with funders
  • Modify a generic case for support to a particular audience keeping it interesting
What's covered on this course
  • Getting started: what to do and who to involve
  • Finding and researching the material to inform your case
  • Consideration of each of the main component parts
  • Work in teams to help refine the case
  • Pulling it all together
  • Getting your written case ready to use
  • Making a verbal approach
  • Keeping the case statement up to date and interesting


The Chartered Institute of Fundraising's live virtual training is delivered by trainers who are leading experts in their chosen discipline. Each virtual course has been especially designed to deliver a rich virtual learning experience. Your course will feature:

  • Zoom platform learning environment
  • Interactive engagement with the trainer and peers
  • Group discussions and exercises
  • Real-life case studies and examples
  • Ample Q&A opportunities throughout the sessions


The course is being delivered via the online platform zoom. To enable you to interact with your tutor and your class you will need to have access to a microphone (or access to a landline phone) and ideally have a working video link via a camera. To test compatibility with your system, you can join a test meeting via this link

About your trainer

Gill Jolly FCIOF(Dip) has over 25 years experience in the charity sector, working as a fundraiser, manager, director and trainer of fundraisers and support teams with a wide variety of sizes and types of organisation. She now runs her own consultancy, and works with not-for-profit organisations across the UK and Europe providing a wide range of bespoke fundraising & management consultancy services. Gill has worked with the CIOF since 2000 delivering fundraising’s professional qualifications, and leading courses on strategy, management and implementation.

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