Managing your Community Fundraising Programme (24-Nov-22)

Community Fundraising
24 November 2022
10:00AM to 04:30PM

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Managing community fundraising is a multi-faceted role requiring confident leadership and a strategic approach.

Standard Content

This course will also assist you to manage and develop this income stream by providing you with tips and techniques to help you in your role on a day-to-day basis.

Who should attend?

This course is about managing a community fundraising programme. It includes content related to strategic direction, team target setting, etc. 

Therefore, learners should either be managing a CFR programme or be fundraisers who have been involved in community fundraising for some time and looking to take on a team management/strategic role in the near future.  

We run a Community Fundraising Practitioner Level course aimed at people actively involved in delivering community fundraising activities. The Practitioner Level course is also more suited to community fundraising managers with a geographical “patch” or a specific area of CFR to manage.  

Benefits for you and your organisation

We are in a time of change and, for many charities, community fundraising is evolving in how its activities are run – how they are delivered and how people are getting involved. As before, all the benefits of CFR still exist, and your organisation will could be missing out if they do not have a flexible but well-planned and managed community fundraising programme. This is still critical to your organisation's fundraising and overall strategic success and plays a significant role in how your cause and organisation is perceived. This course will help you focus your strategic thinking and planning to benefit your community fundraising programme and assist you to guide and manage your staff team and volunteers effectively and confidently.

By the end of the course you will be able to
  • Plan and embed a successful community fundraising programme designed for your organisation considering changes that are happening all around us
  • Understand the role community fundraising can play in supporter/donor acquisition
  • Use your programme to review, measure and analyse your success in terms of return on investment (ROI) as well as identify the value of Community Fundraising to the organisation as a whole as well as from a non-financial perspective.
  • Plan, budget and effectively manage your finances and set objectives and KPIs for staff, volunteers and fundraising groups.
  • Consider a wide range of virtual and in-person activities offered under community fundraising and be able to innovate to attract new audiences as well as repeat participators.
  • Understand the role of community fundraising within the overall fundraising portfolio recognising the benefits and the importance of staff, volunteers and volunteer roles
What's covered in the course
  • Developing/re-establishing community fundraising and its place in the overall fundraising strategy
  • Re-defining community fundraising for your organisation in the current environment
  • Benefits to an organisation of having community fundraising
  • Consideration of CFR for a local/regional community organisation as well as the similarities and differences with regards to a national/international organisation
  • The importance of volunteers and volunteer fundraisers to community fundraising
  • Target setting, budgeting and return on investment (ROI)
  • Portfolio analysis and planning
  • Innovation and developing new CFR products


The Chartered Institute of Fundraising's live virtual training is delivered by trainers who are leading experts in their chosen discipline. Each virtual course has been especially designed to deliver a rich virtual learning experience. Your course will feature:

  • Zoom platform learning environment
  • Interactive engagement with the trainer and peers
  • Group discussions and exercises
  • Real-life case studies and examples
  • Ample Q&A opportunities throughout the sessions


The course is being delivered via the online platform zoom. To enable you to interact with your tutor and your class you will need to have access to a microphone (or access to a landline phone) and ideally have a working video link via a camera. To test compatibility with your system, you can join a test meeting via this link

About your trainer

Gill Jolly FCIOF(Dip) has a background in psychology and over 30 years' experience in the charity sector working as a fundraiser, manager, director and trainer of fundraisers and support teams with a wide variety of sizes and types of organisation. She runs her own consultancy and works with not-for-profit organisations across the UK and Europe providing a wide range of bespoke fundraising and management consultancy services. Gill has worked with the CIOF since 2000 delivering fundraising’s professional qualifications and leading courses on strategy, management and implementation.

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