Researchers in Fundraising: Best Practice Guide and Handbook

05 March 2021
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The Best Practice Guide and Handbook for Prospect Research is an exciting new project that aims to provide a comprehensive, up-to-date and relevant guide to the diverse range of skills and knowledge required for successful, professional and ethical prospect research in the UK - in an accessible user-friendly format, at an affordable price.

Curated by the Researchers in Fundraising Special Interest Group, the content of the Handbook will achieve the following outcomes:

The Handbook is being written collaboratively by a team of international volunteers from across the Prospect Research sector; the content is by Prospect Researchers and for Prospect Researchers. It will be published digitally and made available for purchase by anyone interested in prospect and fundraising research.

For more information, and to find out about ways to partner with us, please see the brochure below.

Partnership Brochure
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Here’s why some of our current volunteers are involved: 

It allows me to share with the current and future prospect development community what I’ve learned over the past decade. I’ve been fortunate to have been given opportunities to learn and develop in my previous roles and much of that has been learnt from others in the community. It’s my way of paying it forward.

Suzie Stephens, Founder of The Prospect Development Company

I'm in involved with the handbook as it should be the single greatest single resource for Prospect Research in the UK.

Karl Newton, Director, Business Services Team, RBG Kew

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