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14 March 2020
Major Donors
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Overcoming the barriers to giving among the wealthy

Produced by the Beacon Collaborative in association with the Chartered Institute of Fundraising.

This resource is written for fundraisers from the donor perspective. It reflects their experiences and perceptions of working with fundraising organisations, identifying the reported barriers to giving and provides insight on how to overcome those barriers by understanding what makes wealthy donors tick. It considers how fundraising organisations engage wealthy donors as partners in social change.

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Key findings

In an era of rising demand, more fundraising organisation are recognising the importance of private donations for their organisational resilience. Private capital often has fewer constraints than other sources of funding and can be less sensitive to political and economic transitions.

This research shows that wealthy people in the UK want to engage as partners and peers to support positive social and environmental outcomes. Fundraisers have a vital role to play in supporting them on that journey.

Cath Dovey, co-founder of the Beacon Collaborative

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