How to make the most of Giving Tuesday

16 November 2021
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Ahead of #GivingTuesday2021, Andy Frain of the Charities Aid Foundation explores what drives the campaign and answers some of the questions that people have about how to get involved.

A lot of things have changed since 2014. It might seem incredible now, but in those far back halcyon times nobody had heard of TikTok, One Direction were still together and Liverpool hadn’t won the league in more than 20 years.

Perhaps even more remarkably, it was also a time when outside the USA very few people in the world of fundraising had even heard of Giving Tuesday. Those that had heard of it probably viewed as a bit of an odd American thing, linked too heavily to American culture to really be relevant on the other side of the Atlantic.

All of which makes the success of the campaign even more impressive – since arriving in the UK in 2014, Giving Tuesday has grown year-on-year to become a tentpole event in the charitable giving calendar. Incredibly, we’ve seen an increased level of donations every year since it began, reaching more than £20 million on-the-day donations in 2020, as per Visa UK.

With over 4000 UK partners, ranging from major multinational companies to your local corner shop and from household name charities to individual volunteers, Giving Tuesday is a fantastic opportunity for fundraisers to engage with their audience and get their messaging out there.

As the UK’s lead Giving Tuesday partner, the Charities Aid Foundation is there to help make sure that charities are able to make the most of the day and to make sure that the campaign is accessible as possible to all organisations.

With that in mind, we’ve answered some of the most common questions we receive from charities, featuring some top tips for making sure that your campaign is as good as it can be.

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What is Giving Tuesday and why should I take part?

Giving Tuesday is a single day dedicated to charitable giving. It really is that simple.

When so many people, businesses and charities come together on one day, it creates momentum and helps boost the profile of the causes and communities we care about. Last year Giving Tuesday was the #1 trend worldwide and had over 360 million impressions on Twitter alone, meaning that a well done Giving Tuesday campaign can have a reach far beyond your usual audience.

When people think of “Giving” a lot of people’s minds jump to cash donations but that’s just one way for someone to contribute. We’ve seen people giving up their time as volunteers, people donating goods and products they own, and people just helping get the message out there by amplifying messaging via social media.

What makes a successful Giving Tuesday?

Giving Tuesday is designed to be as flexible as possible – we actively encourage partners to take it in their own direction and put their own spin on things. Whilst this means we’ve seen some amazingly creative campaigns over the years it also means there is no fixed “right way” to do Giving Tuesday.

That said all the most successful campaigns share a few key themes that should act as a helpful guide:

Is it not a bit late for me to start my campaign for this year?

It’s never too late! One of the best things about Giving Tuesday is that it is designed to be flexible – you can run your own campaign in a way that works for you. If you’re pushed for time or resources, then just adjust the campaign to a level that works for you – even just a couple of well written social media posts can help you get involved on the day and can make a big difference to your audience engagement. 

What support is available for my campaign?

The Giving Tuesday website is a good initial port of call for anyone looking for support. Our most popular feature are our social media toolkits, available here, which have logos, language and tips and tricks that will help your campaign.

If you would like to hear first-hand examples of successful Giving Tuesday campaigns then long term supporters Salesforce have hosted a webinar on the topic, as have our friends at Alaya who have talked about how to link Giving Tuesday to the wider Giving Season towards Christmas time. 

Visit to find out more, sign up as a partner or access free resources to help you get involved in #GivingTuesday on November 30 2021.

Andy Frain
Andy Frain
Campaigns & Public Affairs Manager at Charities Aid Foundation
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