Guide on effective use of telephone fundraising

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On 13 February 2019, a new guide ‘A Good Call: Using the Telephone for Successful Fundraising’ was published to help fundraisers and charities develop stronger relationships with supporters.

‘A Good Call’, supported by Ethicall, a specialist telephone fundraising agency, was developed alongside research carried out by the Institute of Fundraising, which revealed that telephone fundraising remains a staple in charities’ fundraising strategies and is a crucial channel to develop relationships with supporters.

In response to a survey, which had over 100 responses, it was found that:


‘A Good Call’, freely available to all charities and fundraisers, provides information and advice on how the telephone can be used in a range of ways to have great conversations with supporters and aims to give organisations the confidence to make the most of the telephone as a way of connecting with supporters. It also debunks some common myths about telephone fundraising and helps charities to navigate the regulatory and legislative requirements and overcome any barriers they might have to use the telephone effectively.

The information is split into two parts; advice on great conversations fundraisers can have with supporters, and clear guidance on how fundraisers can plan and prepare for these conversations, including guidance on handling of personal data.

Tamsin Mitchell, Business Improvement Lead at the Institute of Fundraising, said

Using the telephone has been, and continues to be, a great way to communicate with and engage supporters. We are delighted to have worked with experts in this area to produce this resource which will support fundraisers by equipping them with the confidence and knowledge to use the telephone as an integral part of their fundraising strategies. Feedback from fundraisers shows that the telephone can be crucial to building and strengthening relationships with supporters – it allows for an individual conversation which can truly enhance a supporter’s experience and is a really important way to say ‘thank you’. We hope that ‘A Good Call’ can help fundraisers reach out to supporters, deliver excellent conversations and nurture long-lasting relationships.

Alex Weeks-Smyth, Client Services Director, from Ethicall, said

There are few tools as powerful as the telephone to achieve long-lasting connections with donors. The results of the IoF survey show that a third of respondents said they did not feel confident of the regulatory environment for using the phone. We hope this guide will help give charities some clarity on how the telephone can continue to be an important part of the fundraising mix.

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