Giving Tuesday: How to GiveBack2020

24 November 2020
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With Giving Tuesday taking place on Tuesday 1 December, CAF’s Gráinne Mathews explains in this blog what this year’s day of giving will entail and what your charity can do to get involved.

Most of you know the story by now: it started from a simple idea: Black Friday and Cyber Monday were so hugely popular – the team in the US thought: what about adding Giving Tuesday? Could you add a day that reversed the trend? After all this consumerism, create a day where people would give back. It was unique, in that it was designed from the start to encourage people to grab it and take it somewhere new. 

And that’s exactly what the Charities Aid Foundation, the organisation that leads Giving Tuesday here in the UK did in 2014. We had been watching with anticipation to see how Giving Tuesday would take off in the US. CAF’s mission is to motivate people to give – and Giving Tuesday aligns perfectly with this.

This year will be the UK’s seventh Giving Tuesday. It now runs officially in over 70 countries. In the UK alone we have over 3,700 partners from large national organisations such as Cancer Research and the Woodland Trust to tiny charities such as Tiny Tickers and Remus Horse Sanctuary. You can sign up as a partner (for free) here.

Last year over £14.2 million was donated on Giving Tuesday via Visa cards alone, this represented a 48% increase in donations on the day compared to an average Tuesday in 2019. We know people make donations every day but we now know that Giving Tuesday is supporting and encouraging additional donations, which is great!

What can you do to get involved on Giving Tuesday?

That really is up to you. Giving Tuesday is completely non-prescriptive – it is there to support you and your organisation. Many of our partners have used the day to fundraise – pure and simple. Some use it to call for volunteers or highlight a campaign they need support with. Some use it to raise awareness of their organisation, their impact or their services. Or some charities use the day to say thank you to their donors for their support throughout the rest of the year. Many partners pick at least two of these themes for their Giving Tuesday activity.

What makes a successful Giving Tuesday?

We have lots of free resources to help you get involved in Giving Tuesday this year!

What’s new this year?

This year we are delighted to launch GiveBack2020 – a fundraising initiative that will help people fundraise for their favourite charity and you engage your supporters in a clear, easy and fun way to GiveBack to your organisation.

GiveBack2020 is an easy, straightforward and fun way to encourage people to support your charity on Giving Tuesday on 1 December. Charities like you have given us so much. Now is the time for people to GiveBack, make a difference and take something positive from 2020.

It can be as simple as asking people who have been working from home to GiveBack the cost of a week's commute or you could suggest they make use of the baking skills they mastered over lockdown by baking and selling mince pies to raise money for your cause or they can give back in lots of different ways while doing their Christmas shopping – so many stores or online platforms offer ways to donate. It’s really just about engaging your audience and giving them a fun and easy way to GiveBack.

Visit to find out more, sign up as a partner or access free resources to help you get involved in #GivingTuesday on 1 December 2020.

Gráinne Mathews
Gráinne Mathews
Campaigns and Public Affairs Manager at the Charities Aid Foundation
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